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“☆ Angel Girl visiting the store ☆”

Hello Suite Heart (*^○^*) Tsu = 💖

Every month, we are interviewing Angel Girl on the 11th, 11th, and 22nd.

On September 15th, the two people, Yukiti Kurita, are excited about the store.

Both slots and pachinko were popular.

By all means, please see the two Twitter in the store.

There are many new platforms and prizes, and there are various services such as free tea servers so that customers who visit the store can be satisfied.

And not only the pachinko corner, but also the slot corner is also popular.

Touching time with Angel Girl 💕 There is also a shooting time, so please come to the store.

15:20 ~

17:50 ~

19:50 ~

Thank you very much for the Suite Heart (*^○^*) Tsu = ✨ ✨

We look forward to your visit.

Thank you very much this time.

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Thank you for watching.

Entertainment Production [Angel Girl] is a company that develops and manages entertainment talent.

Please feel free to contact us for event companion dispatch, MC, nailists, hairdressers, and caricature, and various parties and celebration, etc.

💫 I’ll do anything if I can

We will promise the best smile and quality.

💌 Click here for a job request 💌

👼 Recruitment of angel girl talent 👼

Many jobs with hourly wage from 2,000 yen

Would you like to make us and everyone smile? 👱♀️✨

🌹 Click here for talent registration 🌹

💖 Distribution business official river is also being recruited 💖

📱 17LIVE official river registration is here 📱

Since I came from the Yukitu blog, the hourly wage from 1000 yen ~ (there are conditions)

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