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20 hours of Rayover with the Hong Kong demonstration site

For me, Hong Kong was “the country that must live the narrowest and most expensive country in the world, and at the same time, the lives of youth struggling in video tape were melted. I didn’t want to travel to Hong Kong, but I wanted to capture the night view of Hong Kong at least once. That’s why it’s the second trip to London, so I chose Cathay Pacific, which passed through Hong Kong instead of direct flights. Arrived in Hong Kong at 1pm on Sunday, July 21, and stayed at 9 am on Monday, July 22, the next day.

What I expected in Hong Kong was to take one night on Hong Kong Island, take Seven Star Ferri to Tsimchui, walk around the busy street, look at Hong Kong Island, and enjoy the night view. I thought it would be nice to have a bowl of shrimp tang noodles, local drift beer, Hong Kong beer, blue girl, and black bubble tea.

I knew that protests on China’s home repatriation bill were held every weekend on Hong Kong Island. However, when I checked the information uploaded by Koreans in the local area, I didn’t overlap on the route I considered, and I didn’t worry about it because it was far from my location.

I arrived at Hong Kong Airport without any expectation, preparation, or worry. When I saw the faces of the Hong Kong people at Hong Kong Airport, I started to pound myself because I came here because I remembered the daily life of the Hong Kong people and the city. The inspiration for travel was falling because I could get used to the expectation of going to a new place. However, the appropriate tension given by unfamiliar places is still valid.

Now I am leaving Hong Kong for a while, but I can’t get it from my heart. Someone said that Hong Kong said it was better than expected, and others said Hong Kong was so good. I don’t know what the standard is, but now I can understand the inspiration for all that Hong Kong.

It was so easy to arrive at the airport, where all kinds of business arrived at the airport, where they arrived at the airport in less than 30 minutes by AEL, and to the H2 shuttle bus to the hotel. The shuttle bus was cold because of the air conditioner. The landscape of Hong Kong Island, which I first met with my arms in the cold, was the Filipinos called the ‘Amond’, which lives on the street on weekends.

As a multiplayer in the lyrics, they cannot work on weekends by Hong Kong law. Since the residential space is a business space, you have to leave home on weekends, most of which are said to choose a day on the street instead of paying high accommodation fees in Hong Kong. Until I got out of the car, I couldn’t feel the moist heat of Hong Kong Island. Thanks to the shuttle at the main entrance of the hotel, I felt the heat of the heat while heading to the lobby, and I remembered the ‘probably’, which was gathered with the streets.

I often don’t know what attitude to have when I feel like this. Are you qualified for me to be pity for them who are unfamiliar with their friends talking with their friends? I don’t know if I’m having an arrogant comparison while relieving my current situation, and I want to pretend to be noble by giving it meaning here. It is still unknown to write, indifferent, or what is the perfect heart to have as a human being.

After checking in and going to the hostel, the high -rise buildings in Hong Kong, who do not know where to keep their eyes, are welcoming. It was bitter that there was no difficulty in occupying such a space in Hong Kong alone because of the earnings in a country where I could eat.

I took a shower, sighed, went out, visited the city, and filled my stomach.

Right next to various kinds of high -end foreign cars, a rear car full of paper was passing. Outside the restaurant where people dressed well in cool places were in the corner of the rear corner, there were people who had a piece of bread and put a piece of bread. All the images of life, which were familiar with the distance and time difference, were fully unfolded here.

There were also parks and playgrounds among the high -rise buildings. The benches and trees were clearly contrasted with the city’s busy appearance. Nevertheless, I was glad that I could sit and relax for a while, so I returned to the hostel and had a beer.

After a while, I came out of about 7:30, and the street was significantly different.

I thought the protests were going to the inside of the island at Central Station. A long time after my hostel, Sheung Wan Station, the protesters’ procession continued. I wanted to go to the hostel because I had to walk in the opposite direction of the protesters to take a Star Ferri to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. After watching the protesters for some time, most of the young people were and peaceful. When I asked someone who seemed to be a member of the protesters who were playing a barricade, I decided to go on the way because I could laugh and pass the protesters. While walking for about 30 minutes to the Perry Dock, I often stopped stepping on endless demonstrators.

Is Hong Kong China? Or is it a separate country? I remember seeing a thin book about Hong Kong when I was a college student. Although the United Kingdom returned to China, it was understood that Hong Kong was not China but China because it decided to maintain the laws except diplomacy for 50 years in consideration of Hong Kong’s specificity. About half of China’s 50 -year -old 50 years later, how will the history of China and Hong Kong will be used in the future?

How did you experience the night view of the brilliant Hong Kong Island you saw in Sevenstepei if you didn’t encounter their protests? Although he is not like the city’s skyscrapers, the night view, which is colored with various artificial lights as if a fierce struggle was buried.

Tsimchui’s shopping center and streets were crowded with people with shopping bags. Demonstrations have already been held for seven weeks, and Hong Kong residents and foreigners who visited this place seemed busy to continue their lives. The underground road was full of post -it, which seemed to encourage today’s demonstration, and was interested in people, but most of them seemed to be a viewer like me.

With a complicated heart, I walked through the busy streets of hot and humid air. I wanted to go back to the hostel quickly. I headed to the dock to move back to Hong Kong Island with a glass of black bubble tea.

Waiting for the ferry at the marina, watching TV is not unusual.

I was concerned about it and got off at the dock, hoping that I could return to the hostel safely. The marina was somewhat quiet. Occasionally, people who 크레이지슬롯 seemed to be tourists and those who seemed to be part of the protesters would come and go.

Arriving near the building where the Ferry Terminal, which can take the ferry to Macau and the shopping mall Sean Tak Center, arrived, the protesters were pushed down to the police with the smell of the traces of tear gas. The protesters were wearing black t -shirts, pants, and masks, so they could find it at a glance, and reporters were wearing press vests, masks and helmets.

At a glance, people who could see that they were tourists were evacuated in the building for a while. I also watched the confrontation between the protesters and the police around with feet tied here. Some of the protesters were applauded by citizens and protesters, attempting to move forward to the police who wrapped their arms with their laps and shot tear gas while wearing umbrellas and gas masks. But they gradually retreated, moved back, and repeatedly pushed back.

After the police passed, I went across the subway to the subway and headed to the place where the hostel was. The city, which was crowded with people during the day, was truly quiet. Perhaps if you had not seen the protests, you could not guess what was happening on the road next to it.

Lying in the bed of a comfortable accommodation, I tried to talk with the heartfelt heart that I did not organize what I saw today.

The next morning, I was waiting for the shuttle bus to take the AEL heading to the airport. As if that happened.

good morning

I always wake up early in summer, but how about him?

It’s 3 o’clock today

Is it grandpa?

Very hot

A parent and child at the station on the way home yesterday? Is it okay to think because there were two women who were far away and the elderly seemed sick and they were in a upright state? As soon as I tried to support it with my hand, I thought I had warped backwards and seemed to fall down and my eyes were sloppy.

The ground was asphalt that did not hit the sun, but I laid it down and vomited a little from my mouth, so I laid my head sideways.

As soon as there were many people gathered and went to a police box, some women cooled her neck with her plastic bottle.

It was a day when I felt a lot of cooperation and kindness

When I was 20 years old 동행복권파워볼 when I was pregnant in the past, I was patient if I felt sick on the express train on the way home from my relatives (at this time) Do you want to be in your back so that you don’t bother you? (I didn’t have a vinyl, tissue or towel only at this time), and if she was at a loss, she would have called Gebo.

I’m sorry for the rice from now on

It’s embarrassing and I wiped it with the clothes I had and I came out of tears

Then the previous uncle gives me a tissue

The woman gave me a towel (when I noticed later, the brand towel) I had a lot of tears and I managed to wipe it at least and got a high fever.

I think she was grateful to remember

Such bitter memories have revived

Finger pain

I don’t know if it’s overworking my fingers and arms at work or the symptoms of SLE joints.

From around June, the right thumb was painful in orthopedic surgery, and the middle finger of his left hand could not be bent in the spring finger and his left middle finger, and the other fingers seemed to be strong …

Is it the first time in three years now? I started taking Chinese herbal medicine

Investing is troublesome

I also do high -bolt treatment at the osteopath. For now, every day

But if it doesn’t improve, it’s a blood test in collagen disease department.


I saw the vertical limit

007/Casino-Royal Martin Campbell Mountain Action

Started with the experience of surviving while the father shouted that the life was cut to protect the child’s life in the mountain accident climbing with parents and children.

After that, his brother became a photographer and his sister became a mountain climber

Her sister also encountered an accident that she was trapped in a crepass at an altitude of 8000m

It was an American movie produced in 2000

When I looked at it, I watched it

You can see the essence of that person when people are cornered.

Well, today is a holiday and the morning is treated at the osteopath

Friends will play in the afternoon

Then she is Chao ~

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