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“Because it’s Mother’s Day. Various things. ]

I was a child at the age of 32, and when I wrote my mother’s year when I was in my second year of elementary school, I suddenly remembered that I was somewhat embarrassing. In this era, I was a young mother. Ne 😊 The housewife rate was high, and when I returned from school, mothers in the neighborhood often came and got delicious sweets.

Such a mother died two years ago, and her mother -in -law calls her mother -in -law on her mother’s day (she gives me every April). I went to a flower shop to do it 😄

I was surprised, but white carnations are on sale.

I felt lonely when I saw it

She chose the orange mini rose that she wanted, though she thought she would like a red carnation.

I put it in a baccarat vase and decorated it.

I have a daughter, but she wrote it before, but she told me that I wouldn’t need anything if I could spend the summer vacation normally without dropping a credit.

If I went out with her family three months later, I didn’t drop it.

Yeah, I know what I want to say 😅

It’s a diet, isn’t 카지노 it?

I have to lose 2 kg in 6 days 😰

But do you eat pound cake?

Yes … I ate it 💦

It was very delicious

But it’s okay

I will restrict my diet from tomorrow and exercise → plan

The story changes → If it’s inconvenient, I will miss the topic 😅

My friend has a strong Eel of Jang Gunsok fans. She is a strong man who goes to Korea and has won the game with fanmi and high -touched with Gun -chan. 😆 Fu ~, it’s too amazing 😂

And not a friend, but the cute 20s of CHANEL clerk was a eel, and this was also amazing.

Even if he liked it and said he would break up with his boyfriend, he took Gun -chan, checked his schedule, got on the same airplane (it would be dangerous if he made a mistake), focusing on being in the same space. It seems that I spent

It seems that Gunsok is coming to Japan in June for the first time in four and a half years (I knew this information on my blog who happened to come to my blog.) I went to a friend. I guess.

However, the reply was “I don’t go, I want to go but I can’t go.”

It’s Corona. But that’s not just that, but she said that her husband’s father was sick and couldn’t go a little.

Well, she’s already confirmed a lot of survival of Gunsuk 😊

Anagi -chan of another CHANEL has been transferred to Kanto, so I don’t know what to do.

Actually … I also liked Gun -chan.

I fell in love with Hanboku, who appeared in a drama starring Van Jini, starring Ha Ji -won (it’s also a pervert of Hanboku fetish). 💗.

At that time, I was watching Korean Dora 😄

And Dong Bang Shin Ki that became two people.

What a 🙌 I was able to go live 💗 I was able to confirm the survival ✨

Oh, it’s Changmin. You got married 😅

Looking back, Gun -chan enters and falls in love with Shininu, and after being shot out by the Hanbok boys in the Tokimeki ☆ Sengoku, drowning in Changmin’s cuteness, and a little break time in Japanese artists.

And now it’s BTS’s Army.

I also enjoyed this area unexpectedly 💗

Today is a car story.

It’s been a while since I bought UP!

I think it was a good encounter with a low -running car of less than 5,000 km, which has fallen for two years.

The current mileage is about 15,000 km in about 20,972km 2 years.

The first thing I customized was the pedal cover.

Also, it is an unknown footrest, continental brake pedal and clutch pedal cover sold at Yahoo auction.

For COX UP! GTI only.

Next, I was worried about the accelerator response from the beginning, and the first one was DTE’s Pedalbox.

The recent car (now almost?) Unlike the Showa car that pulled the accelerator with a wire, it is an electronic trottle system.

It is a thing that changes the mapping of the accelerator opening between the coupler of the throttle.

The settings are “Eco (City)”, “Sports”, and “Race”, and you can set up ± 3 steps based on them. (21 steps)

At first I tried various things.

When the engine is normal, I think that the area around-3 of sports was just right.

When it was “lace”, the opening of the accelerator was too peaky and it was hard to ride. (^0^;)

It was fundamentally not an accelerator response like a non -partbo car, but a little? I feel like it’s easy to ride or the engine response when you step on the accelerator is approaching your senses.

Next is the boost meter.

Pivot’s Compact Gauge52.

Since it was just attached to the OBD connector, it was easy to attach without any specialized knowledge.

I attached it with emphasis on atmosphere, but it is called by -product or a role of fuel efficiency improvement.

If you run so that the boost pressure is not raised to more than one pressure, fuel efficiency will be improved like a joke.

Recently, I changed the air filter to increase the efficiency of the intake system.

It is made by BMC.

It seems that Italian manufacturers are also focusing on racing, etc., and it seems that it can be used all the time with a special oil.

I got a COX tail pipe, so I also considered a cox air cleaner, but this time I did not exchange it in three years of disposable.

I feel that it is better to clean every year …

I felt that the impression that the accelerator was improved.

I felt like the torque had dropped in a little low rotation, but after over 2,000 revolutions, I felt like it would blow up at once, and I could hear the sound of a little waist gate, so this may be fine. Maybe.

And I got a COX tail pipe at a dealer last week.

Looking from behind, the normal was one left, but it was two sodium left and right sort.

Normal state

It’s two back

Well, the catalyzer (catalyst) remains as it is, 킹덤슬롯 so it was half -confidence to see how much the exhaust efficiency would rise, but it would be a little better because the way of passing the pipe and the diameter was slightly larger.

The sound has not changed much, but I think it is a little lower and handling relationship, but I think that exhaust sound has come into the car. (It’s not unpleasant, but my wife knows …)

Her wife was silent to replace the muffler, but she was immediately exposed …

She was told, “Isn’t it noisy?”

I feel like I got on the accelerator.

The accelerator controller is also set to ± 0 of “City-“.

In sports, wheel spins occur frequently in the usual way of riding, so the torque will come out as a whole.

I want to enjoy how much the feeling has changed by riding a long distance this time.

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