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“Can you talk about your thoughts in numbers! ! ]

Thank you for you

When I checked Symphogear’s quotes, this word came out

Can you talk about your thoughts in numbers! !

I don’t know when this word will be used because I haven’t seen Symphogear, but it’s a great word.

I understand my feelings! I understand my feelings, but I can’t tell the other person if I can’t explain it logically because I came up with it. I have to talk with numbers.

But the pachinko slot industry that cannot be talked about by numbers

not strange? The stand is set 〇〇 suggestions or settings 〇 Denial effects, but pachinko parlors are not allowed to say.

In such an environment, I write this blog with a lot of ideas, and I will try it for the time being in my daily sales.

There are things like that, but I’m worried that those who are looking at the blog and the customers who come. I hope it is transmitted.

By the way, my favorite Symphogear line is

Si -no Fo Guy -Vowuwa Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah! ! ! !

is. Let’s shout together

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good morning.

I was watching a video of Mr. Igawa.

Former Chairman of the Daio Paper. (Founder grandchildren)

It is famous for melting at 10 billion yen casinos.

A person who has set 1 million yen to 2.3 billion yen per day.

It was very helpful for self -analysis.

“The 해외바카라사이트 real pleasure of gambling is to lose enough to be severe.

It’s Han.

Looking at Twitter, it is full of intelligence that is not a desk theory like a scholar.

If you live in the Buddha’s era, it is an excellent group who can recommend a home.

Family+educational background+brain+masculine.

Everything is different from me who wants to increase money with gambling …

Or rather, in my case.

When you are saving money, the feeling of falling is fully opened, and is it often released a large amount of dopamine dopamine? ? ?

Is it just a fallen warrior? 。 。

That’s why.

I don’t want to read Mr. Igawa’s book.

Because in -house struggles and interactions with prosecutors are too high to be interested.

However, I have a little sympathy in the near -death experience part.

Originally there was no money

I write again, but there is no money.

I’m going to Wakking.

Is it a peaceful life?

Then (^^)/

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