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Dreaming redhead Anne’s afternoon tea @ Violetta

Dreaming redhead Anne’s afternoon tea @ Violetta

Dreaming redhead Anne’s afternoon tea @ Violetta

I made a “hat made by picking wild flowers” ~

a! This is the artificial flower on the artificial flower in my house and the hat I bought at 100 uniforms.

It was made for about 600 yen ~

If you are Ann, is “100 average” a “magic shop that makes you gazing a sparkling dream”?

“Anne’s field flower hat” also traveled to Aobadai ♪

Of course, from the theme park in Hokkaido when I used to be Anne on Tea Mie before

I also brought the “Ozage Hair Ann Hat” I ordered.

Some of the Tea mie displays have been missing so far.

If you think it’s sober this time

Please bring a hand -drawn wooden card from Violetta’s regulars on the day …

Creating an atmosphere together with my postcard ~

Thank you, Mr. Unfreak with a gentle feeling ♪

Welcome tea is the mast “strawberry water”

Provided by Baccarat and San Lui glasses is unique to Violetta!

The afternoon tea menu is the atelier Ruban

We provided fresh luxury to everyone every time ~

The menu is her BOOK tailored @ @

I also made the cover ~

She couldn’t easily shoot the afternoon tea stand this time because she was directing ~

“Secret forest mushroom cake cake”

“Jerry de Chicken”

“Green Golden Green Melon (HIGO) & Raw Ham”

“Mashed potato & redhead sagging hairpin.” 。

“Cream puff in the shape of a lingon from Gilbert”

It’s fun to devise a tea food along the story ~

Just her Yukie -sensei prepared by her alone! Ah! ! !

This time, “Anne’s successful layer cake her cherry”

I wanted to show you in the hall ~~

If you decorate mint and edible flower, it will be made a hat ~

Her Yukie -sensei thought about sweets that were particular about the hat ~

Even during the liqueur glass that became the foundation ~ Exciting ♡

Various “hats” are lined up ~~

Links with “Suzuran” that also appear in the story ~~


This time from Marty Tea, who always asks for Canadian tea

When I thought it was by mail order …

From Steki Madam, who went to Canada without knowing this theme

Several as a souvenir, such as “Martese Her Tef Premium” and “Lemon Card”

I got it! !

I’m sure if the original Anne

“I don’t think this is a waste to drink alone and drink.

If she drinks with everyone, she must be fun!

Surely she will think so, who gave me this. “

( * Hanako Muraoka translated ↑)

Of course, Madam, who gave me, said, “Everyone at the event

Can I have it? If you ask, please agree

“I’m glad if you are happy.”

In episodes like Real Ann’s story

This time, the tea of ​​”Gifts from Canada” ↑ and ↓

* Gran Hill Island Tea Company tea

“David’s Tea” popular in Canada and North America

Let’s write it down as one of the dream stories of “Travel Tea Mie” ~

And she has another tea …

The 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth in the UK in Platinum Jubilee

Ann, who lives on Prince Edward Island, must be celebrating ~

From F & M in London to Sakura, the owner of Violetta

She said, “Buy from the main store ~”

We have a F & M platinum jubilly black tea can ~

Hidden in a 2 -hour afternoon tea

Stack 더존카지노 a number of warm episodes …

A limited number of reservations unique to Violetta,

“A special” unique to the afternoon event

Your smile and cheers are the “feast” of us.

All the staff who also brew tea for all services

And all of her participants

Thank you always ~

* The theme of the next July is “The Prince of the Stars -The Memories of Lyon-“

Introducing sweets related to Lyon, a gourmet,

Tea food with the prince of the stars

Tea is also a popular flavor tea of ​​Lyon’s tea specialty store,

What else should I do? ?

It seems that only 2 seats are vacant only on Saturday, July 30 ~


↓ ↓

If you don’t use it right away, your memory will be blurred if you don’t use it right away, but it’s not starting a week, so the travel partner you met today is to go home and use it. Secret ㅋ)

I go to the plane.

This time, I found out, but if you hit the portal, you will find a check -in counter and gate. Even information on the day and the next day? Since it was LCC Airlines without meals, it was necessary for us to go to boarding dong because we had to eat in the lounge. After watching a few days, I speculated that it was likely to go to boarding, and the gate was really on board. Thus we decided to meet at the airport 3 hours and 30 minutes before departure and arrived at 7:30 in the morning. In the meantime, it has been a long time since I keep on Korean Air! I met the airport robot that I was pretty and finally took our pictures.

“You know what this name is? Is it an air star? Did you make it unconscious?”

On this opportunity, I made a card that can be used for a lounge for a friend, and I will introduce how to make a lounge card every time I leave the country. The lounge was different, so I was torn and ate breakfast. I couldn’t eat lunch, so I tried to eat breakfast. ㅠㅠ Instead, I finally drank a beer in the lounge. Strangely, I was sick every time before leaving the country, so I took medicine and never drinked beer.

I was prepared to delay, but I started on time. As always, I did not sleep. After a few hours of the sound, it was broadcast to arrive soon. 24 hours ago, I checked in the mobile and assigned a seat to three rows and came out. I follow the road as I studied and take a hotel shuttle bus. Depart as soon as you hit! Today’s timing is very good.

Sheraton Hotel Check -in & Her Chinese

Macau is famous for its good value for hotels. The hotel free shuttle is good and the cost of accommodation is cheaper because you earn money with casinos? So if you are a other country, the Sheraton Hotel, which is not expensive in my standards, belongs to a cheap axis in a hotel in Macau. One of the disadvantages is that the check -in waiting time is notorious. Check -in can be checked from 3 o’clock, but the basic one hour should be prepared.

But is there no way?

SPG, now you can check in on a dedicated desk by joining the integrated membership with bonvoy. (In addition, I can benefit from the rate checkout, various discounts, and the view upgrade.) I have already joined SPG to go last year, but I was a little wandered to integrate it, but I was able to check in quickly.

My friend’s Chinese began to burst from the time of check -in. When I went to the club in Bangkok, I saw it in Chinese for a while with Taiwanese man, but I first saw it on this trip. Oh !! People who are good at foreign languages ​​are always cool !! I looked at her with the eyes of her respect.

She says she’s not thinking of being a wonderful person …), thanks to her in Chinese, she has closed her ears.

“I told him to say in English that he couldn’t say his Chinese.”

“Ah … did you? I didn’t hear it …”

Our English level is there, and we have to keep your ears up and listen together and share your opinions (what did you tell me to come by 1 o’clock? Did you wait 1 hour? Repeatedly, I was not listening to her Chinese, which is a native speaker. )

For 2 nights and 4 days I said, ‘I want to make a Sands card’ ‘Can you bring me a ketchup?’ ‘I know where the bathroom is.’ A trip without listening can be so comfortable. I felt at first. I went abroad with a good English man and closed my ears, but I gave up the bucket list in my mouth, but I was very happy to go abroad with a woman who is good at Chinese.

When booking a hotel, a good view room was about 20,000 won more expensive. However, if you are not a peak season but a member of Bonvoy, you can upgrade it for free, so after making a reservation in the cheapest room, I sent an mail to the hotel as always. If you change it to a smooth sentence and check it several times.)

‘I’m a Bonvoy member. (Membership number) I want to give it to the room of the SKY TOWER building (information that the pool is close). What time can you do as you have to quit smoking room and check out the rate? And if you are a king, I think it would be really grateful to see the Eiffel Tower View … ‘

I checked the information that you listed when you booked and received an answer that I would like to match the request as much as possible. And it’s perfect to open the door! That view. Although it was a room in the edge, the front view would be given to those who really paid additional fees. (Every time I sent me an e -mail to the hotel, my sister called me a blacklist customer from all over the world.)

Wow !! good night!! I applauded a few times and left the hotel again to digest the first schedule.

Venetian Roadstowz

Go to that famous Venetian hotel. Sheraton is connected to the building. Both of them were directions, so they found prior information and moved carefully and went to Venetian safely. And the first place I found was Rodstowz Egg Tart House. Macau, a Portugal colony, is famous for Egg Tarts, the most famous of them. The headquarters is located in Colloan and is also located in the Venetian Hotel. I also remember eating here six years ago and going to Hong Kong with ‘delicious’ and eating tarts. (If you ate Macau Egg Tart first, don’t catch Hong Kong Egg Tarts …) The method is different. In fact, I went to Portugal and bought it at the original egg tart house (but I don’t remember the name). Both are delicious!

There are so many people that I have to line up, and if we go to the left, there is a take -out house.

It was not easy to eat only one, but we also 인터넷카지노 hurt two in the seats.

As the stomach is a little filled, I can see the surroundings now.

The artificial sky of the ceiling (?) Sky and the Yu -ja Gondola still remind you of Venice. The air conditioner was so cold that it was a little cold, but it was said that it was cold.

I have booked a gondola ticket in advance, but I put it on the last day in consideration of delaying plane, but I decided to ride now! Let’s go to exchange vouchers!

I tried to use a day schedule at once, but I had a lot of talks.

There is no summary talent (?) … I make excuses to record small memories in detail ….

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