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Full of fun! Macau’s representative casino hotel recommended

Macau travel is busy and enjoyable for 24 hours. During the day, you can walk around the World Heritage Site and Taipa Village, enjoy Macau culture, and enjoy the amazing pleasure of the brilliant casino hotels at night. In addition to enjoying simple casinos, there are many fountains shows and attractions. We recommend a casino hotel representing Macau. Let’s travel to Macau for 24 hours at a gorgeous exterior, various facilities, and a hotel full of fun at night.

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Venetian Macau Resort

It is the first huge casino resort built in the Macau Kotai area and you can meet a huge casino game site. Of course, there is also a large shopping mall set up in the Italian Venetian concept with casino facilities, so you can enjoy a satisfactory trip all day.

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City of Dreams

The House of Dancing Water is also the place where there is a Shuttle bus that travels every corner of the Kotai area, C.O.D! It also has a high -end casino facility. Game device poker game seats are available, and there are many attractions such as mermaid aquariums and 3D video shows made of CG.

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MGM Macau

MGM Macau with a unique appearance that seems to have accumulated gold, silver and copper. (The MGM Hotel in the Kotai is called MGM Cotai) The casino here is unique, so the boundaries between day and night are clear. I don’t know how to go and play all night. In addition to the casino, there are aquariums and restaurants, which are good for staying in the resort.

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Sands Macau

It is a casino of Las Vegas capital, which was first built in Macau, and is a little away from the coast, not Kotai or main island. However, even if it is a comprehensive entertainment space with a 5 -star hotel, a high -end 바카라카지노 restaurant, and a theater.

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Win Palace

Casino is also famous, but Winpalace is famous for having a lot of things to enjoy and attractions such as night fountain shows and cable cars. It is one of the most luxurious groups of Macau’s new hotels. The internal and entertainment facilities are well done, so you can enjoy a full -time Macau trip without staying in the hotel.

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What I still write about Heizo Takenaka on a blog is that I want more Japanese people to realize new liberalism and small government’s abuna and now. I want you to find hope for the younger generation who is struggling. (**)

Fumio Kishida claimed that he should break away from “New Liberalism” this fall and build a “new capitalism” to thicken the middle layer, and see that he was selected as the Prime Minister. rice field.

However, as I wrote last time, Mr. Heizo Takenaka was firmly included in the “Digital Denenten City National Concept Realization Conference”, which was newly established by Prime Minister Kishida. (゚ д ゚)

It would be a good idea to maintain the LDP administration if you have somehow, Mr. Takenaka, a favorite of the United States and economic organizations.

To be honest, this was a pretty shocking event for MEW. (ー)

* * * * *

“The conversion from neo -liberalism is still sitting in Heizo Takenaka

Daily Gendai 2021/11/12

“The Digital Denento City State Concept is the most important pillar of the growth strategy to realize the” new capitalism “. By utilizing digital technology, it activates the region while utilizing the individuality of the region, and realizes a sustainable economic society. I will do it “

The “Digital Denenten City Concept” aims to revitalize the region with advanced digital technology.

Heizo Takenaka sitting in the middle of the seats of 14 expert. He is Emeritus Keio (Economics) and Chairman of Pasona Group, a temporary staffing company.

“It is also strange to give a subsidy for overtime pay for people with low productivity, who cannot finish their work in time,” “Japanese regular employees have become workers who have been in the world. Takenaka is also known for the hatred behavior of regular employees, such as “increased” and “I should eliminate regular employees.”

Economic Analyst Hidake Kikuchi, “The market principle, the new liberalism of weak meat and strong food, and the person who brought a super -low -growth and super -disparity society is Mr. Takenaka. Prime Minister Kishida is” New Free. While emphasizing the conversion from principle, he continues to perform Abenomics based on neoliberalism. Even more, Mr. Takenaka, who seems to be the right of neoliberalism, will be selected as a member of the important meeting following Abe and Kan. Even though there is no belief, the shift from neoliberalism has already been removed, and it is as if it were a Mayakashi. It may end. As early as this administration, the fundamentals of the economic policy of weak meat and strong food are unlikely to change from the Abe and Kan administration. “

Professor Takachiho University Ikuo Gonoi, “Go back from the flow of decentralization, cut off a local city as a magnificent experimental site, and cut it off in the future. Efficiency takes away autonomy and culture from rural areas, and thoroughly in digital rule. Management. The privatization of public services emerges the image of a dark future that Pasona is pleased. “

As long as Takenaka is still in the middle of the important meeting, the future of Japan is dark. ]

* * * * *

This is Money Voice from November 11, 2021, “Kishida administration, you too. Mr. Heizo Takenaka A ripples participating in the Digital Denenten City Concept. Part of a part of my number no new policy = Akihiro Hara.

“It has been a big topic on SNS because it has been reported that Heizo Takenaka will be a member.

If Mr. Takenaka moves, the world will be frustrated … for some reason. I wonder if it is a wide show, and I guess it would be nice to judge a person just by labeled to Mr. Takenaka, but in the political world, in the political and business world, in the political and business world. There seems to be no doubt.

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has been selected as a financial regeneration and non -defective receivables processing, and has the impression of “deregulation of Mr.”, such as postal privatization and employment liquidation policy, which is “profit induction”. The image guidance is also an objective, and in a sense it’s a great thing.

As a matter of fact, how do you understand that after the Koizumi administration, while leaving the political world temporarily, even if the administration changes as an expert, it will be called to the center.

The United States somehow, the national team representative, but I don’t know the truth. However, there is certainly a thought that “do not correct the crown under Lee” such as Pasona.

In the past, when ORIX Chairman Yoshihiko Miyauchi was the chairman of the Regulatory Reform Committee, he said something terrible. (Omitted)

Was the arrow of the National Strategic Special Initiative released? Prime Minister Abe said, “The third arrow is an IR business,” but the casino was ridiculed as a growth strategy, and before the arrow was released, the arrow was broken. If the Tokyo Olympics and the Osaka Expo are “growth strategies”, it’s already “Iwanya …”.

At that time, Mr. Takenaka heard the words of Prime Minister Abe (at that time), and in his own experience, “growth strategy” is an expression that officials prefer to use it, and it is often used in proposals. I remember that I had no trial and had a good image … Mr. Takenaka will be the member of the growth strategy.

Will the Kishida administration be in charge of the “third arrow” as “inheritance of Abenomics”?

Financial easing is already sufficient, and fiscal dispatch is directed to Corona measures (although it is insufficient), and the fiscal dispatch as a economic measure is probably the resumption of the “GOTO campaign”, but it grows. It may be a message that “digitization of infrastructure” is a strategy. ]

The Director Ogawa, the Director of the Ritsu Democratic Party, asked in the Diet, “Why the government keeps Heizo Takenaka?” (・ O ・)

“Why the government will continue to use Heizo Takenaka, and Constitution, Ogawa pointed out, and Prime Minister Kishida’s answer …

12/13 (Mon) 19:02 Delivery J-CAST News

The constitutional Democratic Party Chairman Junya Ogawa, Masamasa Ogawa, was the first parliamentary debate after the constitutional new system was launched at the lower house budget committee on December 13, 2021. At the end of the game, Mr. Ogawa stated that the Kishida administration was “a theme that is going to be a bit of a change” compared to the former administration, about the “new capitalism” listed by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Mr. Ogawa said that the members of the Digital Denenten City National Concept Realization Council, which Kishida advocated by Mr. Kishida, contains Professor Emeritus Keiji Keidai. Wasn’t it a break? ” Kishida argued that Takenaka would participate in discussions on the Special Zone of the National Strategic Strategic, and argued that the basic economic initiatives must be changed significantly.

■ “Mr. Takenaka Heizo, who symbolizes privatization, market principles, and competitive society …”

Mr. Ogawa is about Kishida’s economic policy in contrast to the “negative heritage” of the past administration, including falsification of official documents.

“I am taking the discussion of a new capitalism as a theme that is going to be a little change.”

Signed. On top of that, the appointment of Mr. Takenaka is a problem as follows. He asked for an explanation, “What is a new capitalism?”

“But, as far as I can ask now, the government’s important meetings have been appointed to Heizo Takenaka, who symbolizes privatization, market principles, and competitive society, right? Wasn’t it a break with principle? “

Mr. Kishida explained “new capitalism”, facing the disparity and climate change issues, and explained that “Japan may need to consider a new economic model.” About the appointment of Mr. Takenaka

“We have been involved in the areas that have been involved in the special zone issues for the past, but the basic overall economic initiatives itself must be changed significantly as we have just mentioned. I think like this “

He said that the role in the meeting would be limited.

Mr. Takenaka “I thought a little,” I wonder if it will be fine and free. “

Mr. Takenaka will be broadcast on November 28 on the “Digital Denenten City National Concept Realization Meeting” on the “Committee NP” (Yomiuri Television).

“The committee (a growth strategy meeting that was participating in the Suga administration era) itself was abolished, and I thought a bit,” Is it sunny and free? ” I’m doing the concept) … “

And other explanations.

“I think it’s like that,” Do the remaining work “.”

I also mentioned.

Ogawa’s time at the Budget Committee is about 1 hour. The problem was handled was the problem that Nobuaki Ishihara resigned immediately after taking office as the Cabinet Secretariat, and in addition to Mr. Ishihara, the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Toshikitaka Ooka, received an employment coordination assistance (employment tone) through the political party branch. There were a wide variety of bodies, such as 100,000 yen equivalent to 18 years old and understood, and measures for new Corona.

(J-CAST News Editorial Department Hiroshi Kudo)]

* * * * *

No, I wanted Mr. Takenaka to be far away from the national politics to rebuild the Japanese life in Japan. (**)

Kishida is Kishida and has his own concept. Perhaps the fact is that the surroundings are surrounded by Abe and Mr. Suga, and it is not possible to operate national politics as expected.

However, if many of the Japanese people knew a little more of the problems of neoliberalism and oppose the economic policy based on it, the lives of the general public would be easier. It was a MEW that I thought 강원랜드슬롯머신검증사이트 at least that I did not need to expand the gap between medical and education anymore. (@_@@.


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