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“General Burger told China,” Shooted her [peloshi]. ” ]

August 2

General Burger told China, “Shoot her girlfriend and defeat her!”

General Burger told China, “Shooted her and defeat her!”

Michael Baxter-August 1, 2022

David H. Burger Marine Corps has provided a frank message for the Chinese threat of intercepting and shooting down when the Nancy Peroshi airplane enters Taiwanese airspace. The line was told to Real Low News.

According to the sources familiar with the circumstances, General Burger sent a message to General Fan Chanron, the Chinese Communist Party, who begged to stop Peloshi’s overseas travel on Saturday evening calls. Chanlong stated that the Chinese state -owned media intimidation of killing all the airplanes carrying a pelos is not exaggerated.

“We don’t control her. She is a traitor. You want to shoot down her. Then shoot down,” said General Burger. “If she doesn’t want her to be there, please call the State Department. Not me.”

However, both Xi Jinping and the PLA officials had already had a strict non -productive meeting with the criminal Biden administration. The ambiguous message of the Biden administration only brings confusion to the people about how Peloshi’s potential travel to Taiwan is. Last week, the senior members of Biden Caval abandoned the call to Taipei. However, John Kirby, a strategic communication coordinator at the National Security Council, stated on Monday that the Biden administration would support Peroshi on a trip to Taiwan.

In response, a spokeswoman Zhao Power of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “We are waiting. The fact that there is Nancy Peroshi in Taiwan may be considered a war.”

And White Hut believes that it might be the ultimate goal of the administration.

Historically, the war brings profits to the President, which is at least short -term. When George H. W. Bush caused the Gulf War, I saw Iraq from Kuwait, but I immediately saw that the popularity rose rapidly (although it was short -lived). His son, “Double You”, rapidly rose temporarily after the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Clinton’s failure to arrest or kill Mogadish in Mogadish has led to a sudden decrease in public opinion polls in the early days of the president. Similarly, President Obama’s unauthorized pursuit of President Libya’s Gaddafi gained the public. In each case, these so -called presidents have experienced 10 to 25 non -party rising.

The conclusion seems to be clear. Citizens gather behind the leader at the time of conflict.

The Biden administration hopes that historical priority will be maintained.

Biden or his Doppelganger has been rapidly decreasing every day since the stolen 2020 presidential election. He is the most disgusting leader in the history of the United States (although he is a fake leader). His leaders may expect wars (typically support the declining economy) may be advantageous to the Democratic Party.

“General Burger and the Council have this serious idea. If the Deep State is trying to ignite a global dispute, that is a big risk, which is also unstable White Hut. It is also a risk to put it in the situation. Deepstate cannot access nuclear launch codes, but has the support and ability of the traitor’s military commander who is sufficient to start a normal war. China is in the past. We have no way to know whether or not to stick to. In the end, we have an obligation to protect this country. In other words, if we are launched, we have to retaliate. It doesn’t mean you won’t be. I hope you don’t do that. Imagine a nuclear war over Nancy Peloshi. How stupid it is. The general hates her. ” The source of information said.

Peloshi and General Burger are not strangers at all, their hostility is legendary. Immediately before Biden was illegally appointed by the Supreme Court Secretary John Roberts in January 2021, Peloshi requested General Burger to protect his marine to protect his marine, and the general said, “We are” we “. I’m not working for you. “

Later, in May 2021, White Hat tried to arrest Peloshi for rebellion, but they caught a scammer with a Nancy Pelos mask.

In fact, White Hut suspects that the real Nancy Peroshi is confined to the hotel or in a deep -stated bunker while the real Nancy Peloshi is touring East Asia.

“For any reason, the deep state loves her, and she feels indispensable for their goals. They are extremely unlikely to expose her. We are some of them. I know that I have a body double. Perhaps one of those doubles is fulfilling my mission as a diplomat. The Taiwanese government does not know her so much that she knows her differences. That’s our sources.

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General Berger to China: “Shoot Her [Pelosi] Down!”

August 2

EBH.CLUB: Universal change

The final act!

Mugzi posted on August 1, 2022

Universal change:

Please note: Our office line is for cream and salvage. It is not a hotline that asks questions or help to solve this problem. I have posted information about the story. The connection of the point requires logic and research. it is up to you. No one can drink water instead of you. Remember, God says that when you stop learning, you will move away from God. God learns, researches, and builds to improve and improve all lives. When you stop learning, it is time for death to come. That is how to make a matrix. This is why they use the word “useless” eating (eater). It is for people who do not want to grow and learn more. The purpose of shaping this was all for knowledge. This knowledge is your personal mental tool box, you share it with a group group and everyone else.

Your golden format was laid out long ago. Dollars, roots lace is like this. They are learning various lessons to enhance the wisdom of the soul. The project ends without learning anymore, just existing. Your subconscious will lead you to “Grim”. It is Big Pharma that eliminates the masses that do not want to learn. They are the streets of the street. Those who do not want to learn no longer have the purpose of this school. We came to challenge various “HU” classes. The trees of life are color -coded, and the consciousness leads to the most similar color pattern through a series of gates. Then there is a particle waveform and ether energy in that flow, where you will learn what your soul is empty. Some people think they have everything. But they usually have the minimum. The more the porched wings fly, the more the knowledge bank becomes empty. That’s why narcissists cannot succeed in their personal services in a new world. This is not just your problem. You will develop to help people like the natural kingdom.

What happens if God removes money, occupation, mansion, car, boat, yacht, etc.? What remains? For this reason, a reset has occurred. Armageddon makes people see themselves. Believe please. There are not many people who really like themselves. This can be understood from their daily transactions and relationships.

Looking at the innocent and stupid people who want to fight a white hat of 12 -dimensional or more, the chest seems to be torn. Knowledge, wisdom, and compassion are surrounded by several very strong borders. It is a white hat. Their IQ is over 1200, and most of those who want to fight have less than 130 consciousness. That is exactly the purpose of forming this “tera” school. I had to learn and increase my personal wisdom bank. This is what the galaxy Galactics has arrived, and to teach and teach us. Therefore, if you do not want to learn and refuse help, you will be recycled. It will be time to decide how to leave an individual unconsciously and be reborn as a new school or recycled. They return to 3D schools to master their own teachings!

Flat soil and ice walls

Currently, we are transforming into a new university. This planet has returned to the origin of the original 5D, but can go far higher. George teaches me 7D. You can choose whether to participate or withdraw by learning what you have learned in 3D. Galactics doesn’t care what you chose. They know that you (in harmony mental state) to recycle to 3D planets, which reflects your thinking process. This is a winwin for everyone and everything is good.

Earth chakra system

What do you think the moon computer was doing? It was a computer system for recycling. That is why the depth State DS worshiped. We have trapped people in 3D so that you can dominate you for more than 6500 years. The East Gate for the 5D ascension passed through San Matrix. The west gate to recycle the 3D planet was the moon matrix. Mega Super Computers dominated everything in the black sun under us.

If you want to be with Terra, you have to be so strong, brave and intelligent that you don’t know everything. Now, let’s honestly look at your intelligence and see what is weak. If you need room for improvement, you will judge. The new gate will be related to self (self). Self -construction, self -maintenance, self -management, self -learning, self -respect, self -motivation, self -strengthening … that is all self (Self). What makes it responsible for others will be recycled. This is the purpose of the vaccination (jab), which has been proven. You need a person who is proud and proud of yourself and can create it for a highly conscious person. What you do for yourself and what you do for others is always shown by the surrounding environment. It starts with you.

Terra (TERA) = dirt

Hugh (HU) = Energy/wave/sound/crystal like an angel

The people who are recycled are those who do not last long. The people who do things from Establishment (power), so they do things. It’s not because it’s smart, healthy, positive, and useful. No, that’s the fact that Esta Brichments follow you. This is communism. This is a tolerant, not a new world mechanism. God needs people who learn in a useful structure and create new possibilities. That’s why we all aim for self -habitat and sustainable life. We are paying attention to how to create Eden without destroying life.

Most of your teachers are 12 -dimensional and Pleiaden star system. They help you find the possibilities. This is up to you. It is time to learn what you have learned from 3D, no longer the baby, the latch key “HU”, no co -dependence; we step in with our power. 3D is related to self -development and self -mature, creating a new Terra world. If you are reading this, you are a leader. Definitely, it’s all about you. There are many people who want to learn from you and watch their growth. There is no pressure, but I clean myself and always look in the mirror. What can you do better? Do you want to be this person? Is this the person who wants archangels, gods, or galaxy? They look at everything in the past, present, and future. They can read your 바카라사이트/a> thoughts and come to want to be. It’s not about me or this website. These are just the options that you can use and execute. Who are you? Who do you want to be for the new world? The gate is open, so it’s up to you. Choose what you want most and leave the rest in 3D.

May God are blessed. To build a 5D “you”, love yourself the most.

August 2

Republic of Republic Restored by GCR: Third World War Strict Council !!!

Republic of Republic Restored by GCR: August 1, 2022

Created by the author of Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist, Journalist, “Twentytwofaces: Jenny Hill and her 22 diverse nature”

Booms started on Monday, August 1st.

This is not a drill.


Third World War Warrior

Despite the warning that Biden is missing and China has begun World War III, Peloshi will arrive in Taiwan on Tuesday, August 2, following suspicion of the opposite. was. The U.S. military moved assets to the coast of Taiwan, and India moved munitions to the Chinese border, moved Pakistan assets at an Indian gate, and placed a large amount of Chinese troops and Taiwan along the coast of Japan. Russian artillery and some nuclear submarines, west EU countries along the Russian border move artillery, tanks and troops, and have been conducting a high alertness for the past four months, and Japan is all. Navy ships are deployed in the coast off the coast off China. Warships are lined up on the east coast of the United States, where naval ships from all over the world are active in the EU. The coastal area will be heading to Taiwan, China, with a strict alertness HIGH ALERT.

“Patriot, it’s time for time! The clock is ticking.”

… Donald J Trump

“When I woke up, everyone else was still sleeping.”

“Great Jehovah, please guide us.”

Please guide you to the promised land

We are weak, but you can.

Please hold us with your powerful hands.

July 31, 2022-It is#4846Music & ThespokenWord (THETABERNACLECHOIRG).


Will Peloshi visit Taiwan that happens to World War III?

Fulford Report: “The U.S. government suggests the possibility of visiting Taiwan Island by Peroshi Chairman, but the Chinese army moved armored vehicles to Fujian Province, a region near the Taiwan Strait. We are conducting a surprising military exercise. “

The U.S. military moves assets to Taiwan coast, and India moves munitions to the Chinese border. Move Pakistan’s assets at an Indian gate. The Japanese coastal Chinese and Taiwanese deployments, Russian artillery, several nuclear submarines, and western EU countries along the Russian border move artillery, tanks and units. During the four months of Cown in Indonesia, Japan has deployed all naval ships in a lineup along the coast off China, and warships are lined up on the East Coast of the United States, and naval ships from all over the world are active in the EU. The coastal areas are all strictly vigilant against Taiwan in China.

Military information: Biden has expired or participated in life support.

Trump has signed a restored US Republic, will he return soon?

Trump abolishes the NTA IRS.

Currently, all central banks are under the White Hat Control.

Global currency reset:

The army promises to start RV by at least August 1 (Monday). … White hat Intel

Judynote Judynote: Tier3 was told to receive funds on Tuesday, August 2.

There is about 10 days, and there are exchange and redemption of currency / bond (ZIM) in exchange for special rates. … White hat Intel

Defender EUROPE 20 & 21 Operations were seized all central banks. The currently open bank was part of the movie. … White hat Intel

Republic Restore:

Joe Biden, the president of US Inc., has expired or engaged in life maintenance. While they were working on the transition of power, large -scale concealment was being done. … White hat Intel

“Last week he was in DC, he signed in the Republic.” … Charlie Word

When Trump returned to the administration, he was expected to abolish IRS.

World War III begins in Taiwan: “Arashi has arrived” … Donald Trump

Peloshi arrives in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan on Tuesday, August 2, and Taiwanese Broadcasting Studies TVBS reports as a source of information.

In Fujian, China, which is adjacent to Taiwan, a division of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army medium-sized air defense system HQ-22 was discovered.

The Iraqi army was deployed in Baghdad. Most of the senior officials are out of the country. The military information bureau has fled to the protest. Earlier today, the leaders of Sadridist called for the revolution.

About Fulford Serbia: There is a report that there was a gun near Nobi Pazar, a town in Serbia, near the border with Kosovo. An air raid warning is ringing. According to unidentified reports, Serbian army casualties have occurred in the conflict zone at the Kosobo border. The first barricade was installed in Ludal. Gunsren has been reported among Serbians at the Yarin Ree Purpose. The Republic’s state -owned television reported that Kosovo and Methiya Serbians had begun to build barricades. The Kosovo Special Force is heading to the Yarin Jaja Border Inspection in the northern part of the country. According to Serbian President Buichi, the Kosobi army plans to attack northern Serbia at midnight. He intends to appeal to the people about the situation of Kosovo.

Justin -the US military is approaching Taiwan with assets, including aircraft carriers and multiple stratula tankers.

India has been bordering hundreds of thousands of munitions and military tanks in the past three weeks (they have been doing this for the past two months). However, the movement has been intense for the last three weeks).

The Pakistani army is training tens of thousands of troops at an Indian gate.

The Chinese army fights battleships on the Japanese coast and deploys large -scale deployment mainly in Taiwan.

The Russian army in Belarus has been waiting for major Baltic artillery and multiple nuclear submarines without waiting for the past six weeks.

West EU countries along Russia are borders to the movement of artillery, tanks and troops.

Japan offers all naval ships along the coast off China. It is the Chinese Sea Japan Sea.

Warships are lined up on the east coast of the United States, where naval ships from all over the world are active in the EU. All naval ships from coastal areas to Taiwan, China are on alert.

Indonesian countries have been very vigilant for the past four months and have been positioning.

Most of the F-35FLEETs have the grounds of the Air Force due to flaws of Chinese parts: Airhttps: //

Trump’s Kosovo Special envoy accuses the United States about crisis: https: //

Global food, fuel, lack of supplies:

It is impossible! A link to an interactive map that displays all the recently baked or destroyed food processing factories.

Group = 4410859 & x = -89.849631 & y = 44.059004 & Z = 14

Baleut: The grain warehouse at Baleut Port, which was broken by explosion two years ago, collapsed, and fires and smoke began to occur. These warehouses have 120 tons of grains.

Global financial crisis:

Israel: https: //

The Swiss Central Bank reported more than $ 100 billion in the first half of the year.

Leaked Bank of American notes: Financial giants are afraid that ordinary people will have too much average, so I hope the US workers will worsen.

Operate the weather:

The American flood attack Las Vegas! After the thunderstorm, the casino and the street were flooded: https: // V = 1eonqcexykc

Real News on August 1, 2022:

President Obama sent a $ 1.7 billion cash to Iran, but no parliament, FBI, or justice did not seek a survey!

You need to watch the video:


IntochechampionshipShipRoundswego | Alternative | Beforeit’sNews (

July 31 (Sun) Charlie Word: Insider’sbigintelMeeting | Alternative | Beforeit’sNews (

July 31 (Sun) X22 Report: X22 Report: This is a fear event for World War II. I just need to know the opponent’s movement! Red Oktor! – Video is required | Opinion -Conservative | Before it becomes news (

The status update on July 31 (Sun). Update the situation. Will Peloshi cause the US and China War? American rockets bombed Russia! Another war trigger! Trump is back! Mr. Trump abolishes IRS! August 11 Emergency alarms or monitoring! The Biden administration has collapsed! Vaccinations (JABS) injive you from you! –Wethepeoplenews | Opinion -Conservative | Beforeit’sNews (

Note: The important content of this report has been fixed. See the re -created contents of the complete report attached below. ]

Check the complete report (doc).

Special restore by GCR-8-1-2022 -REPUBLIC-VIA-A-GCR-8-1-2022 a-gCR-8-1-2022.docx

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