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HTC announces his smartphone for the first time in four years. A great set with VR glass is also released (& GP)


9/6 (Tue) 8:02 Delivery

HTC NIPPON “HTC Desire 22 Pro” HTC Nippon has announced a new model “HTC Desire 22 Pro” on Android smartphone. A SIM -free model equipped with Android 12, the price is 64,900 yen. It will be released on October 1st. [See color variations] HTC has been focusing on VR products in recent years, but a set with the VR glass “VIVE FLOW” released last November will be released. The price is 114,900 yen. The price of VIVE FLOW alone is 59,990 yen, so it is about 10,000 yen discount.

HTC’s smartphone will be released in Japan for the first time in 4 years, held in Tokyo on September 1st, and HTC NIPPON’s President and CEO, Joshinori Kojima (left), and Vice President Tomiko Kawaki. He (right) has released his smartphone in Japan for the first time in about four years since the “HTC U12+” released in 2018. Overseas, one or two new models are released every year, but there are no models suitable for Japanese market needs, and the release has been forgotten. The HTC Desire 22 Pro is a mid -range model that is a selling high -ranking model in the Japanese market, and it was the time to launch a VIVE FLOW last year and launch a metaverse platform called “VIVERSE” this year, “Ideal for Vive Flow. It seems that the release as a “converted smartphone” has been decided. Like the conventional HTC smartphone, it is customized according to Japanese needs, such as compatible with Osaifu -Keitai. According to HTC NIPPON’s President and CEO, Kojima, Kojima, “I would like to launch new models every year in Japan.” The color variations are three colors, salsa red, dark oak and cherry blossom. Of these, Salsa Red has been released only in Japan so far, and only this color will be released a little later.

In the mid -range, the back is equipped with a top -ranked specifications on the back of the HTC Desire 22 Pro with a triple lens camera mainly for 64 million pixels, and has a function that can be satisfied alone without buying a set with VIVE Flow. The 6.6 -inch liquid crystal display has a full HD + (1080 x 2412 pixels) and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The out camera is three eyes with main (64 million pixels) + wide -angle (13 million pixels) + subdivision depth (5 million pixels), and the in -camera is 32 million pixels, so you can take a selfie with high quality. Equipped with a dual SIM slot, it is also possible to extend the storage by inserting a microSD instead of the second SIM. It is also characterized by the fact that it supports all 5G (SUB6) and 4G frequency bands adopted by domestic businesses. In 슬롯머신사이트 the SIM -free model, there are many models that do not support the frequency band called “N79” that docomo adopts in 5G, but it also supports N79. The processor is Snapdragon 695 5g (up to 2.2GHz), which is used by many midrange models released this year. The memory consists of 8GB for RAM and 128GB for ROM. The battery is 4520mAh and supports wireless charging.

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