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Inspired by the misconception problem Hikaru, the reason why the Kiritanpo YouTuber and others have attracted attention due to the leak of kiss videos (real sound)

In August, it became a hot topic that Hikaru hired Sho Taguchi in an incorrect deposit in Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and that Kiritanpo was triggered by the outflow of past videos. I would like to consider why youtuber’s trends were attracting attention. [Photo] Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, who went to pick up the bailed Sho Taguchi, accidentally transferred a special special benefit of 46.3 million yen to a certain young man. Everyone knows that Sho Taguchi, who had a high price, was arrested for withdrawal without refunding to Abu -cho. Hikaru of charismatic YouTuber reached out to Mr. Taguchi. Hikaru, who was released from the Yamaguchi Minami Station on August 1 and dropped his head toward the press, in the car, Hikaru was interviewed at the prepared hotel. In the interview, Hikaru revealed that Taguchi had lent a 3.4 million yen to Taguchi, saying, “I want to help something.” Taguchi confessed that he used all 46.3 million yen in an online casino. Not only did the truth of the riot that has been noticed in the media has been revealed, but Taguchi’s heart has been told that some parts are not convinced of this event. Hikaru also announced hiring in the ultimate broccoli and chicken breast, which owns 30 % of shares in order to help Mr. Taguchi’s rehabilitation. Kosuke Tsukamoto, representative of Dorayaki, the operating company of the business, said that he had prepared a remotely work for Mr. Taguchi, who cannot get out of Yamaguchi Prefecture because of the trial. Hikaru reached out to Taguchi is not just the purpose of saving Taguchi. Hikaru asserts that his name is known, “Let’s make money here by using Taguchi-kun,” and he wants a future that will be a relationship between Taguchi and Win-Win. It has never been an exclusive interview with YouTuber’s exclusive interviews that are still being released by television and weekly magazines. It was a news that was possible because of Hikaru, who was on the front line among the video creators and has a huge influence, but it was definitely a news that shows that the existence of YouTuber is growing in society. The next day, the popular woman Youtuber’s Kiritanpo announced her videos to suspend her activity and became a big news. Kiritanpo stopped his activity in late July, a member of the House of Councilors, Yoshiwatari Higashitani, posted a video to kiss the Tokai On Air and Tetsuya Kiritanpo, along with the text of “I don’t want to go to her.” That’s what I did. According to Kiritanpo, the video of the question was taken more than four years ago. She says she has only met Higashiya about two years ago at a dinner party, and she says she is “gentle.” Kiritanpo says to Mr. Higashiya in the video, “I apologize if I have been rude and angry. I’m really sorry.” I apologized to the fans. It is said that this kiss videos appeared in the world, and it is said that Kiritanpo has received a notice of murder and slander DM, some of the comments such as “Shirako Shit Woman”, “Fucking Sovich” and “Kusovic”. It was said. Kiritanpo argued to these DMs, “I’m not a light woman,” but it’s easy to imagine that this video leaked stress was the stress. As a result, Kiritanpo developed a sudden deafness and was forced to suspend her activity. Higashiya mentioned the reason why he spoke a kiss video at a later date on her Instagram. She said, “I heard a little bit of a YouTuber fighting for me. I issued it as a warning.” Higashiya, who had been attracting attention since the opening 코인카지노 of the channel, became a member of parliament, and has become a big news that has become as large as compared to before. The report of this news is likely to indicate that youtuber’s presence is increasing. Hikaru, who put out a helping boat to Mr. Taguchi, and Mr. Higashiya, who driven Kiritanpo into a suspension of activities, has received a variety of opinions, but it has been difficult that Youtuber has attracted a lot of attention and his social presence has increased every day. There is no fact. In the past, youtubers have been crowded with negative news, such as arrests and noise problems, but in the future, Youtuber, who has a strong presence in meaningful activities like Hikaru, may continue. Source:

Yokohama City, with the withdrawal of IR, the final report “There are many uncertainties, risks for economic effects”, and will be announced on the 13th.

A summary of the final report compiled based on the opinions of external experts, etc., which had been invited by the mayor of Yokohama City Takashi Yamanaka, including a casino (IR), and examined the background of IR. It turned out on the 12th. The IR has many uncertainties, and includes a business risk that does not expect the economic effects as expected. It will be announced by the Standing Committee on the 13th. The verification is to look back on the IR invitation promoted as the pros and cons of the citizens during the former mayor’s era, and utilize it in future measures. Mayor Yamanaka had instructed the creation as “looking back on the background of the invitation and what to reflect on.” In the final report, the city follows an interim report that summarizes the progress of decision -making and the contents of the examination that the city shown in February, and (3) IR invitation in the city, etc. New items such as retrospective of the initiatives have been added. In “Review of IR -attracting IR invitation in the city”, which is the overall summary, the economic social effect states that “IR has many uncertainties and there is a business risk that does not expect.” The rise of online casinos, the trend of new colon 퍼스트카지노 virus infections, and the risk of economic effects are listed.

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