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It’s an irritability again …

The cherry blossoms are almost in full bloom in Yokohama.

Street of Honmoku

There are also spectators on cherry blossom trees along the Ooka River

Why? Cherry blossoms

It seems to make the heart of the Japanese crazy.

I read it when I was young

Was it an essay of the late Ken Kaitaka?

Life immediately separated

I remembered the Japanese poem Japanese translation.

Masuji Ibushi’s work …

There is also an analogy of a storm in a flower

Only goodbye is life …

As I knew later, it seems to be a Japanese translation of Mr. Ibushi’s father.

I remembered it in the cherry blossoms.

There is no wind today

It seems that you can see beautiful cherry blossoms.

Videnn with dementia

It seems that Polish speech is controversial

Also email from her lamenting Andy Chan

What is an idiot …

Well, is it good?

It ’s a quote

The AC editorial No.888 Baden “New Order of the World” will do the G7 and G20 in Brussels on the 24th, and a “Biden’s Important Speech” set up by the White House. I was broadcasting the live commentary, so I was talking about the manuscript prepared by the staff in a way, but when I thought about what I talked about after the speech, there was almost nothing. After the lecture, Fox News reporters discussed the results of the lecture, and the focus of the world gathered to “exclude Putin.” “For God’s Sake, This Man Cannot Stay in Power (I can’t keep this man in the power of power),” Ba ◯ opened openly for the Russian politics of another country. He explained, “Ban was not interfering with Russian politics,” but it was already late. In the United States, the US President has been criticized for “Nine Lords of Ba ◯” in the United States, “Bangken, who flew to Israel,” The remarks of the shrine did not call for Russia’s change of government. He said that Putin’s power should not be exercised in Ukraine. ” He said, “I wouldn’t use such provocative words.” Now, no matter who makes any excuse, the nine words of Ba ◯ are spreading around the world. “NATO’s Sacred Promise” is a promise that the Alliance will cooperate when one of the participating countries is in danger. 27 countries can participate in Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is why Russia absolutely oppose Ukrainian NATO joining. In addition to “Nine words in Ba ◯”, Ba ◯ -lords at a press conference in Brussels answered the reporter’s question at the press conference in Brussels, and many times, “SANCTION). Deter) is not possible (Sanctions Cannot Deter). At the press conference in Brussels, Ba ◯ has completely denied at Brussels’s press conference that the assistant officer of Ba ◯, the director of the Austin Defense Director, and the spokeswoman Saki have emphasized over and over again that sanctions will be deteriorated. I was in trouble because I couldn’t cancel or escape. The second misconduct was ABC’s Cecilia Vega reporter, “If Putin attacks with a chemical weapon in Ukraine, he will fight back in the same means (that is, chemical weapons).” The top of the United States, who proclaimed not to use chemical weapons or nuclear weapons, immediately reported REUTERS NEWS, FOXNEWS, BREITBART, and Hill. He said, “We create a new world order in democracy.” The staff struggled to make a manuscript for the important speech of Warsaw, the lectures made a huge success, and tried to regain the position of the leader of the world of Ba ◯, and in the important lecture, the world was not in the manuscript created by the staff. Far from the leader, it has been branded as a bad man. He became a guru with a Dora son who took a foreign bribe, who had a foreign bribe, who had a brother -in -law, who was a drug addict, who could not even have a fair election, the first step in democracy. “Leader of order” is a laugh. ======= AC communication =====

Quoted to here

Andy Chang

He looks like an angry spirit, and he calls the United States “idiot” …

The dementia, Biden, seems to have succeeded in the same way as the old bokeh Monk.

From here on, he will also call the old man “idiot”.

Monday this fall (today) at Turkey

The peace talks for the Ukrainian side and the Russian ceasefire begin.

Ukrainian Zelenceky

Toward the peace consultation

Not only NATO members who have already given up

If Ukraine can be compromised with a view to neutralization …

I don’t mention “Azov Battalion” or “Neo Nazi”

President Putin in the past

1,400 people slaughtered Russian residents

He will not forgive the Neo Nazi army.

In Daily Mail

Zelenceky says he will accept his neutral status, as Turkey’s legegep Taip Erdogan calls Putin to request a ceasefire prior to today’s peace negotiations. He said that Istanbul was chosen as a neutral place for peace negotiations. He discussed Putin and Ukraine’s humanitarian conditions. Ukraine IS willing to accept neutral status in any peace deal with Russia, as Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan calls Putin to urge for a ceasefire ahead of peace talks today Turkish-PRESIDENT-ERDO-CALLS-CEASEFIRE-Russia-UKRaine-phonecall-putin.html

Dementia Videnes seem to be more and more dementia, but the loose belt during the war, but the U.S. President Biden in Warsaw on the 26th, Russia in Russia. The fact that he asked for a “change in system” could not be stopped by the invasion of the Russian army and the deterioration of the Ukraine situation. In the courtyard of the former Royal Palace in the center of Warsaw, which was the speech place, “Is Ukrainian people coming here?” At the beginning, when asked to the audience, a loud cheer was raised. He said he didn’t need words to understand the emotions of the refugees. ” “This man (Putin) must not stay in the position of power,” has been widespread in the United States as a serious “misalignment.” He noted that he would avoid escalating things in the summit of the seven countries (G7) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). “The remarks at the last minute about Putin were shocking,” the newspaper reported. Richard Haas, Chairman of the U.S. Diplomatic Council, complained to Twitter that he would tell Russia that he would have negotiated with the Putin administration.

Walodimil Zelensky is now President Ukraine. In the promise of resolving East Ukraine’s independence, he, on the contrary, worsened Ukraine’s internal crisis and further worsened the problem in accordance with Washington’s order.

An important peace agreement, the only path of reconciliation, has been impaired. President Ukraine does not like the so -called Minsk agreement, and has continued the war of sibling due to ethnic factors swallowing Ukraine without knowing it. I don’t intend to follow them. What else can you say about it? Most Americans have failed to understand that Zelensky’s rejection was the last decisive. It has created a Minsk agreement, a condition for all parties. Zelensky did not do it. Why? Who told Zelensky to destroy the agreement? Tucker: “What is the war as of tonight?” (March 1st) “I saw the Russian army entering Ukraine with a very slow organization. They move slowly and carefully, trying to reduce the victims of civilians. In the stage, the Russian army succeeded in surrounding and surrounded the remaining Ukrainian army, destroyed by a series of large -scale rocket attacks, airstrikes, and Russian armored vehicles slowly and steadily shortened the distance. It will be extinct. So this is the beginning of the end of Ukraine’s resistance. “Did the United States come back?”

I started running the words I said at the Munich Security Council. In particular, it does not allow NATO to expand to Ukraine and Georgia. We hope that Ukraine will be changed to a scaffold for the United States and Western troops to Russia, and he will avoid his army in a position to confront NATO (east of the Donepul) and the Donepul River. Kyiv city is ready for complete capture. Putin has to decide what he wants to do. I don’t think he wants to move west further. I hope that Ukraine will be “neutral” without anybody affiliated with anyone, and if possible, Moscow wants to be friendly. If it is less, his war will be a waste of time. (“Tucker Karlson and Colonel Douglas Mugregor” rumble)

The Azov Sea Port Mauripoli Port was trying to evacuate the residents by creating a humanitar circuit with Lugank, Donetsk in the eastern part, but the voice from Mauripoli … URL seems to be unable to copy. The Ukrainian army tried to keep us using 코인카지노 us as a human shield. “The Ukrainian army did not cooperate in evacuation using the humanitarian corridor.” “Azov executed the people who tried to escape and killed the whole bus.” He told me to drag us out of the house and escape. “” We were shielded as a human being, but thanks to the Russian army, we could evacuate. ” You can see it, a self -propelled rocket cannon. “” We were like a cannon, they were fighting back from the garden of the residential area. “” I can say with confidence, but 85% of the damage. Is due to Azov Battalion. “Https://

“I was told not to escape using the humanitarian corridor that the Ukrainian army has shot. The Ukrainian army tried to keep using us as a human shield.” Https:// / xdlkh32z2gz/

Connect 4 Twitter videos of “Tamahoi” and edit

“I was told not to escape using the humanitarian corridor that the Ukrainian army has shot.

The Ukrainian army tried to keep using us as a human shield. “ —Tamahoi 🍃🗻 ( @tamama0306) MARCH 24, 2022

Colonel McGregor, so that his Russian troops do not harm the residents, he cannot stay in Putin and power (Biden) **************************************** **************************** * Ukrainian invasion of Ukraine is never a victory for Russia, deciding on Ukraine invasion as a “strategic failure.” People seeking freedom refuse to live in despair and dark world. ” And it is a direct vocabulary that says, “It is impossible to stay in the position of power.” Detailing foreign leaders from the position of power is regarded as rants. “President Putin’s future was not decided by Biden, but commented on Reuters (Peskov’s spokesman),” I didn’t seek a change in Russia, “but Biden said Putin was a murderer. This is the second time. He argued that Mr. Biden’s remark was “killing a person,” and President Putin was a murderer who was in the opposition of the atomic bomb in the opposition and made the atomic bombing in the murder of ordinary people! It is a fool to bring Russia, who threatens China from behind with the indiscriminate attack on the general public among successive leaders, with his trumps crossing China in the casino business and threatening China from behind. He opened diplomatic relations with China to isolated and weakened the Soviet Union at the time, and gave priority to building a personal relationship with Putin. With Trump, Putin wouldn’t have chosen Ukraine invasion. In order to attend the “Negeb Foreign Ministers Summit”, he will participate in Israel, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco’s Foreign Ministers. He will have an individual meeting with Prime Minister Benet, Defense Minister Gantz, and Foreign Minister Rapid, and will meet with the Palestinian autonomous government Chairman Abbas. □ ○ ◎ ○ ☆ ○ ○ ◎ ○ and ○ ☆ △ ○ ☆ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎

The funds sent to Ukraine disappeared in the price of the weapon, and his Ukrainian politicians and military -industrial complexes only became fat.



Secret Chefs Table Q Volume

* << Secret Chefs Table Q >>

Michelin Kyoto’s three -star “Gion Saiki” General Hiroshi Sasaki and Yoshihiro Hongo, a magical restaurant, are produced, summoned the hottest cooks for three days.

I’m a favorite Oino -san, so I had a private reserve in her first time in her life. The members who came to me were all the lords except me, 6 horses and more than 70 horses! Nono’s dishes were very popular with everyone with her eyes and tongue.

Kitashinchi [Ono]

Michelin Kyoto Osaka 2022 Acquired one star

Tabelog 4.08

Tabelog Award 2021 BRONZE Award store

Ono is a Japanese restaurant that moved to Kitashinchi on July 20, 2019, as the culmination of Awashima Kono, her business trip chef, Katano Ashiya, on July 20, 2019. General Ono’s original cooking style, which makes use of the ingredients of the local Awaji Island, became a hot topic among foods, and it became a difficult store to make a reservation in a blink of an eye. In July last year, the second store “KOU” was opened. 2022 Michelin Kyoto Osaka first acquired one star! It is Oino who does not know that the momentum will stay ☆

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1979. She was born as the third generation of Awaji Island’s restaurant, and she has been a chef since she was young. After graduating from a cooking school, she succeeded her family after 11 years of living at a restaurant in Nagasaki. She becomes the best store on Awajishima. After that, she opened Ashiya Kino, a complete reservation, and became a difficult store to make a reservation. July 2019 Relocated to Kita -Shinchi Grand Open. July 21, 2021 Nino 2nd store [KOU] Opened. 2022 Michelin Kyoto Osaka Ichizu

↓ place

This time, it was held at the hotel “NAZUNA Kyoto Tsubaki -dori” instead of Kitashin Jichio because it was the secret Chefs Table Q event.

■ Omakase course 1 kind ¥ 30,000 (tax included)

➕ Wine pairing with a bottle

We enjoyed pairing by Kitashinchi Milkareth’s famous senior sommelier Kibi ♡

↓ Shan Cup: Henriot Brut Cuvee Hemera2005

Henrio, a prestigious champagne -zone founded in 1808.

Pestige Cuvé, the highest peak of Henrio, named Emera (the goddess of the Greek mythology of the Greek mythology).

This is the first time to commemorate 2005!

I was at a loss with Domperi, but I chose Anria because it was difficult to obtain in 2005.

↓ Auntan Jele taken with red shellfish sea bream from Tokushima Prefecture

The flavor of the seafood is refreshing with a sea urchin jelly. Light but long -lingering.

↓ Supin soup from Oita Prefecture Ginger Negune Nii 2

Simple with two kinds of green onions for a delicious turtle soup. Ginger warms the body.

↓ Awajishima Natural River Pig Sashiri Shirako Sauce Hirokko

Because it is a natural river pig, it has elasticity. Shirako sauce that is entangled with pale river pigs. Shirako sauce is a turtle soup with a shirako soup. Vegetables like green onions are Hirokko, a local vegetable in Akita Prefecture. Vinegar, sesame oil, ponzu, salt

↓ White in the Loire, France, for Kawako

Clos de la Coulee de Serrant 2018

Grape species: Schunan Blanc

White wine by the maker who gives off an absolute presence, praised as “Monslash in Loire”

↓ Firefly squid from Toyama Prefecture Awajishima Prefecture bamboo shoots

Sky beans fast -boiled tree buds

A firefly squid full of body. The bitterness of the cotton is an adult luxury. Maybe the bamboo shoot from Awajishima is the first time. A pure taste without any egumi. By not using any useless flavor, you can enjoy the potential of the material.

↓ Sake that matched the firefly squid

Black Dragon Sake Brewery Black Dragon Firewa Kirasu Junmai Daiginjo Limited item

It is very popular now! It was named from the trees of “Fireworks” used for raw sake in the early Meiji era. A rich ginkka like a fruit and a delicate, calm and mellow taste

↓ Awajishima Black Abalone Heni Hayo Noodles

The black abalone from Awajishima is firmly large and has a high quality and delicious. The more you chew, the more you feel the taste. The liver rice that combines the liver and rice that the liver that the liver and rice are combined is a cubic dish that can be used by it.

↓ Shimoda’s tuna from Yamayuki

↓ Shimoda’s tuna from Yamayuki

This tuna made by Yamayuki, which is promised with deliciousness. It is a nori soy sauce with seaweed from Awajishima and fish sauce, and is rich in originality unique to General Ono. Obediently delicious

↓ Kiya Shuju Sake Brewery, which is a high -quality sake that is a high -quality sake

Left: Ji Now Daiginjo 2019

Chuo: Junmai Ginjo Yamada Nishiki Filtrgotist

Right: Now special pure rice non -filtered student

I knew I couldn’t understand the alcohol by comparing it. Daiginjo is elegant and elegant enough to overturn the concept of sake. The lingering sound is long and elegant. Every alcohol is delicious because of the difference between personality and others, but I like Daiginjo for beginners.

↓ Awajishima Bachiko

Bachiko is dried with sea cucumber ovaries

↓ White sweet bream from Yawatahama, Ehime Prefecture

↓ Ehime Prefecture White Sweet Simmer Chiba Clam

Awaji Island Bachiko Touju Budy Warabi

A bowl with the high -quality flavor of white sweet bream and the taste of shellfish that can only be expressed with clams. It’s a luxurious adult bowl that contains Bachiko (dried sea cucumber ovaries). Exquisite

↓ Chardonney, France, in the bowl


Grape species: 100% Chardonnay

Dense minerals and plump flavors

↓ Suppling fried in Oita Prefecture

I love Oino’s turtle fried! The natural fat = collagen overflowing from the turtle is amazing. The outside is juicy! It’s a regular phrase, but that’s true ☆

↓ Ryu no Egg chawanmushi

Truffle Porcini source

I love Oino’s chawanmushi! A truffle with plenty of porcini’s sauce and finish with a bowl steamed with dark and delicious dragon eggs. The gentle and rich scent unique to mushrooms spreads and exquisite!

↓ The champagne according to the black truffle chawanmushi


Grape species: 75 % Pinot Noir, 25 % Chardonnay

Dense and fresh special champagne that everyone loves

↓ Kobe beef A5 cow cowburian

Good, beautiful (⸝︎⁼) ♡

↓ Kobe beef A5 cow Cowburian butterbur miso raw pepper

Kobe beef Chateau Brian is soft that cuts only by the weight of the teeth. With the exquisite fire of General Ono, he enjoys the deep richness and concentrated flavor, the elegant sweetness of fat, and the melting silky texture. This is the most recognized worldwide beef beef beef! Sugged to an elegant flavor that is balanced with butterbur miso and raw pepper

↓ Pinot in France for Kobe beef Chateau Brian

2 types of drinking ①


Grape species: 100% Pinot Noir

Fruity, rich and dense flavor

↓ Pinot in France for Kobe beef Chateau Brian

2 kinds of drinking comparison ②

Domaine Cecile Tremblay


100% grape species, Pinot Noir

Cecil Tranblay is a domain based in Moro Sun Donni Village, a family that leads to Henri Jaie. One producer representing the new generation Burgundy

↓ Kobe beef A5 cow Cowbrian Hanayama Aoi bean

Kobe beef chateau Burin is provided by two types of recipes. I’m really happy for me as a meat lover and from Kobe ♡ The two shitoburi are Hanayama Aoi bean paste and elegant flavor and well -balanced.

↓ Red of France Bolt for the shitoburi bean paste

Chateau Larrivet Haut -brion 2009

Grape species: Cabernet Sauvignon 62%, Merlot 30%, Cabernet Franc 8%

↓ Jaya -n ⁽⁽ଘ (ᵕ) ଓ

↓ Awajishima sea bream rice

When you open the lid, the delicious scent drifts. “Sea bream” cooked with fish king, sea bream. Moreover, high -quality and high -quality Awajishima! The plump rice is full of the taste unique to the sea bream, 인터넷바카라 and every time you carry it, the rich taste of the sea bream is full of delicious taste. The fragrance of white sesame, onion and elegant and refreshing aroma are added, and the aftertaste is elegant. Gorgeous 〆 that is perfect for Halle Day

↓ Awajishima Natural River Pig Shirako

↓ Jajaja -n PART 2⁽⁽ଘ (ˊ) ଓ

↓ Awajishima Natural River pork pork porridge

It’s too delicious to be a porridge of a creamy river pork Shirako! The flavor of dashi, the gentle sweetness of the eggs, and the seaweed Isoka are combined, and this is a winter luxury porridge!

↓ White in the Rhune region of France tailored to Kawako Shirako porridge


Grape species: 100 % Vione

Pure and neat taste with a balance between bitterness and sourness

↓ Awajishima’s natural river pork broth curry

Curry category champion! River pork broth curry and smart. The beef curry is sometimes defeated by the course dish. Elegant without difficulty until the end of the river pork broth curry. The deliciousness of curry is unknown

↓ Awajishima Okuda Mato Awaji Island strawberry fresh juice

↓ Soy milk salt panna cotta

↓ General Ono, Sommelier Kibi, with wonderful everyone

The secret Chefs Table Q -san was too delicious and groaned! Even in unfamiliar places, they demonstrated their true territory due to the flexibility cultivated during the business trip cook. General Kota Ono, who can be impressed wherever it is, is as expected! In addition, the pairing of French wine by Milkareth veteran sommelier Kibi was also good.

General Ono’s local is Awaji Island, a treasure trove of ingredients. Among the finest materials that have been landed on Awaji Island, the high -quality items can be purchased by the fact that the Ono family has been built by the Ono family for the third generation. After the relocation of Kitashinchi, in addition to the ingredients of Awajishima, high -quality materials are available from all over the country, and the width is further expanded.

The dishes created by veteran General Ono, who have been cooking for more than 25 years, using their finest ingredients, respecting the basics of Japanese cuisine, incorporating their originality and playfulness, and are only a gem that can only be eaten here. They are all sophisticated but delicious. Thanks and respect for General Ono’s culinary love and producers from the careful dishes. Oino’s dish makes people happy.

It is difficult to make a reservation because Oo, Michelin stars, who have many customers already, are difficult, but if you have not yet visited, please go by all means ♡ Reservation is only Omakase. Corona is open for lunch, and it is offered at the same price day and night, so you can enjoy it full. General Ono is very kind, kind and nice for first -time viewers ☆

Thank you again for this time 💗m (_ _) m💗

2022 Michelin Kyoto Osaka

Congratulations on getting one star

I am very happy as an Oino fan who has been supporting me since the unknown time! In addition, I gave a baccarat invited cat with a request so that many customers will visit.

↓ Coordination

I wore MIIMI’s knit dress ♡ It is useful because I can wear it without choosing a place in a relaxing comfort. White is sold out and pink is on sale. I don’t recommend it because the quality is not particularly good lol


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