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It’s not just a dessert. It’s an art that can be eaten: Zenith Wong

Singapore, full of Michelin restaurants and high -quality bars, is famous for being a gourmet country where you can enjoy food around the world, but in fact, there are many foreign chefs. Among them, there are not many local chefs who are active in the field of women, which is also a pastry.

That’s why there’s a more attention, and it’s a dessert brand of her own name, and it’s Zenice Wong, who entered Korea last year in 2019, following London, Macau, and Tokyo as well as Singapore.

She appeared as a comet in the restaurant industry in Singapore.

It is an envy among local young people to get a job in a financial sector that can receive high salaries like Singapore, a financial hub in Asia. Zenith also majored in economics at Mo Nash University in Melbourne, Australia, but she realizes that she is more interested in cooking and making a fast -paced.

She returned to Singapore after studying at Le Cordon Blue, a world -renowned cooking school, and opens the Holland Village’s iconic iconic 2 AM: Dessert Bar at a young age of 24.

Holland Village, a popular residence in Singapore, is a high -end residential area with a secluded atmosphere with a lot of Western residents. There are no tourist destinations like this, but people who want to eat at trendy cafes and restaurants are mainly visited, and 2AM: Dessert Bar has many regular customers.

This dessert ‘bar’, which opens the door in the afternoon and operates until two o’clock in the morning, is an interesting place for adults. Here, desserts are no longer supporting roles. Guests come here to eat desserts, and pair wine or drinks that fit the mischievous concept of the main dessert.

Opened in 2007, this unique concept bar visited a new restaurant and met the needs of the curious Singapore people who are curious about food.

Zenith Wong is called an artist who plays Pastri and Evil Art Edible Art. She was sublimated into a piece of art that is not just a dessert that only eats, but with an eye, experience and taste.

In particular, it is characterized by colorful and cheerful colors in the entire branding as well as desserts.

Zenith’s appearance was fresh in the Singapore food industry. She also sent a love call from a variety of brands that she learned of her artistic sense, and she worked with a variety of industries from fashion brands such as Prada, Bali, Ferrari, and Hermes to luxury car brands. I’m going.

There are about 40 private or open exhibitions every year, and an experimental art workshop that creates works within a limited time on site is also attempted.

Zenith Wong, who is doing this active activity, is known to have developed more than 1000 original recipes to date by utilizing various ingredients in Asia, such as Taiwan’s red beans and Japanese use.

Zenith Wong appeared on Master Chef Australia, and the performers challenged her signature dish, Cassis Plum, and recorded high ratings. In Japan’s state -run broadcast NHK, a documentary about her success story was broadcast. In the interview, she says that she can make various attempts without the burden of traditions to follow as the history of Singapore is short.

She also respects Coco Chanel, who has broken tradition and taboos in many ways.

The EDIBLE CRAYON series, the concept of crayons that can be eaten among unique products, has become a product that is talked about by providing light colors and interesting stories.

It is also popular among foreign travelers visiting Singapore, and has opened a single store at Changi Airport.

In particular, it is popular among Japanese travelers who live up to craftsmanship.

Her endless efforts and passion for trying new ideas are recognized in the industry. She was selected as ‘Asia Best Pasty Chef’, which is presented with Felichano in the 2011 and 2013 World Go May Summit, with Sanfeli Roh in the ‘Restaurant’ magazine for two consecutive years in 2013 and 14 years in 2013 and for 14 years. It was an opportunity to solidify the brand of.

In October last year, Zenith Wong’s first domestic store was opened in Paradise City, Incheon. At her open event, she finished her first debut with a live art show to complete her work.

Zenith is pioneering her own path with her passion and 바카라카지노 effort in Singapore, where her female chef is not many. Her year in her London, she begins with her de -department store.

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