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“Lucky Dragon in Las Vegas ♪” was open for a short period of time

Today, July 4 is “American Independence Day” 🇺🇸

And it’s Monday, so it’s a Las Vegas day for this blog.

Today, I would like to write a story about the hotel “Lucky Dragon”, which was closed in a year and a few months since it opened.

The hotel here, China, which was planned by the strip, was widely advertised as one of the two casino resorts on the theme, and opened on November 26, 2016.

I visited in February 2017, so it was three months after opening.

It doesn’t matter, but when I searched for “Lucky Dragon”, Yuki Saito came out, so when I wondered why, Yuki -chan was singing a song called Lucky Dragon.

The habit of taking a mat at the entrance is alive

In the hotel.

If the information board is written not only in English but also in Chinese, I remember the Macau Casino Hotel 🏨

It seems that most of the table games at this hotel were Baccarat.

Slot 🎰


Bar🍸 in the center

The ceiling is high and gorgeous

Elevator 🛗

The restaurant is only Chinese

The hotel building is another building, so I’ll go there

The nine -story building in the foreground is the hotel building, where the low building on the right has casinos and restaurants.

By the way, on the left of the hotel building is a super -famous steak house GOLDEN STEAKHOUSE, one of the restaurants you want to go to someday.

Well, we will enter the hotel building

A small lobby that is rare for a casino hotel in Las Vegas.

The bar counter is very nice

Deword’s 슬롯머신사이트 crimson is perfect for the image of a lucky dragon

It seems to be Chinese, and there is a tea utensil 🫖

Tea menu 🍵

It might have been nice to have tea slowly 🍵

At this time, there were some people in the lobby.

This is the front desk.

If you look closely, it’s a picture from the middle. interesting

Logo shop.

One of the pleasures to see logo goods at the hotel.

I wish I had bought something like Lucky Dragon logo goods.

I also wore a Mistia T -shirt today, but I haven’t been to Vegas due to Corona, so I have a good time wearing clothes I bought in Vegas and using a cup.

Finally, I will introduce the outside and photos of the lobby glass window 📷

Dragon picture 🐉

If you look at the pool photos in this hot weather, you will want to jump in with Dobon.

The cabana is also wonderful

In the end, this time was the first and last lucky dragon.

As I wrote as my memorandum, Lucky Dragon opened at the end of 2016, but the casino and restaurants are closed 14 months later.

Due to CES demand, the accommodation continued afterwards, but it eventually closed.

Lucky Dragon on Arashi Day 🐉

By the way, the high building on the right is the condominium Allure.

I’m still alive.

Donahern, the owner of the construction rental company Ahernrentals, purchased a lucky dragon after a complete closing of $ 36 million (about 4,029.27 million yen) in April 2019.

He spent about $ 10 million for resort renovation and opened Ahern Hotel & ConventionCenter.

The appearance other than the logo has not changed much.

▼ Only today! Blog stamp

In the news of the news on the morning of September 9, he reported the death of Queen Elizabeth. 96 years old!

My mother is one year old! Her mother was 96 years old, and she fulfilled her natural life last January.

Today, as an Australian permanent resident, I will take a day mourning! The biorhythm is a sign that it will be rainy and will not go from the morning!

From the other day, when I enter the VIP room, I have contacted her VIP post her Brenden and asked her to issue a day permission card! (Laughs)!

However, I met Hiro Hiro 킹덤슬롯 here! The first time in three years! I talked a lot, visa, working conditions, etc.

We eat lunch meat udon together!

High, 16.50

Promotion store Kadoya

Visit for the first time in 3 years!

After that, we went to the VIP room and looked at Baccarat! Three 200 dollars and three $ 100s were open. Unfortunately, the $ 100 level was a winning game! In other words, you can only enter from the next shoe. It’s also a test game (laughs)

I will do a machine baccarat! Hiro -san is roulette !! I’m saku, I’m $ 60, he’s $ 400-500! (Laughs) After all, roulette is fast and big (laughs). smile)

Both of them are strong !!

I borrowed his VIP card at the time!

With this, from tomorrow, I don’t have to get permission from the host! Thank you, thank you! Thank you !!

Returning to the casino is shopping for Japanese food!

I heard that Kochi’s relative’s relatives were living in Brisbane and were the owners of a Japanese restaurant, so I went to see them because I wanted to introduce them.

Unfortunately, on that day, I was absent in the store and was in office work! In addition, we talked about the day again! (Laughs)

At the store, there was his staff from the Kansai area, Chihiro -chan!

For some reason, I bought more than $ 50! On the way home by train and bus, a plastic bag bite into my hand (laughs)

The casino is basically a bus and train! It takes about one and a half hours one -way with a door two -way to the casino.

3 hours round trip!

As expected, it’s troublesome! Well, I have time to see U tubes and check emails (laughs)

In the Baccarat environment, there are few open platforms in the morning, the conditions are poor, and it is not efficient.

Probably the Gold Coast will be the same!

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