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Macau 2 nights and 3 days travel courses

Nowadays, it’s a sudden chilly weather. If you want to come with warm air from the plane, but you don’t have a lot of time, please pay attention to Macau. Macau can be recharged on a two -day, three -day schedule by using the weekend, thanks to the shorter flight time and distance, the gentle weather, and various sights and food year -round, year -round. Besides, it is a destination where you can enjoy Hokans properly. Prepare at, a two -day, 3 -day trip to Macau.

From Korea to Macau International Airport, we will arrive in about 3 hours and 30 minutes. In, it is easy to find in the order of Macau flights in the order of Macau flights in order of the Macau flight ticket, and the time of exit/arrival time. Macau direct flights can be purchased from 200,000 won. In addition, Easta Airlines will launch a new service on the Incheon -Macau route from the 27th and will sell special prices. If you are planning to travel to Macau, buy a Macau ticket from

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Start your trip to Macau at Senado Square, the landmark of Macau. Senado Square, the center of Macau and the starting point of Macau’s history, is Portuguese. The European -style pastel building around the square and the tile floors of wavy patterns create an exotic feeling as if in Portugal.

Senado walks along the square and you will see St. Paul Cathedral over the hill. The St. Paul Cathedral was the largest European cathedral in Asia during the 17th century, which was first built as a world cultural heritage. Reconstruction and recovery have been repeated by fire, and only the front, stairs, some walls and basements remain.

The nearby Monte Fortress is also one of Macau’s representative attractions. The Montte Fortress is a fortress built by the 17th -century Portuguese army, and the cannon is laid along the walls, and is now loved as an observatory where you can enjoy the city of Macau at a glance. The fountain show of the Macau Win Palace Hotel is an indispensable sight. It takes place every 20 minutes from 12 pm to midnight, and the fountain show of the evening is especially beautiful. You can enjoy a beautiful fountain show against the background of classical, pop songs, and traditional Chinese songs. Along with the fantastic night view of Macau, you can see a fascinating sight where the fountain dances. You can also enjoy the rooms and restaurants in the hotel, but if you are a king, I recommend you to take a Skycap to see the fountain show.

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As the name suggests, the Macau Cultural Center is the largest permanent venue in Macau, where various works, performances, cultural events, and music festivals are held. Opened in 1999, when the Macau return was made, it is open to its artists and overseas artists. There are multimedia history museums and art museums in the Cultural Center.

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Located on the hills of Bara, the Penha Cathedral is a cathedral built in 1622 by Portuguese sailors and passengers. Currently, it is only offered on May 13, the Fatima St. Mary’s Festival, and is usually used as a prayer place.

Macau Tower, a 338m high Macau Tower, was built to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the return of Macau in 2001. It is a specialty of Macau with indoor observation decks and outdoor observation decks, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping malls. If you have traveled to Macau, it’s a good idea to climb the observatory of Macau Tower and see the city of Macau at a glance.

On the last morning in Macau, take a look around Kotai Strip before heading to the airport and finish the two nights and three days in Macau. Kotai Strip is a street with a hotel and casino in the Kotai area, which is made from Taipa Island and ColoAne Island. Venetian Macau, Parisian Macau, Sands Kotai Central, Four Seasons Hotel Macau, and Galaxy Hotel are fun to see the brilliant hotels of Kotai Strip. Don’t forget to leave a certified shot at the hotel’s brilliant lobby, the Eiffel Tower of Macau in Parisian Macau, and the Shops at Venetian in Venetian Macau. If you look around Kotai Strip, say goodbye to Macau and go to Macau Airport to prepare for boarding.

Macau, called the Las Vegas of the East, is a hotel’s heaven like the real Las Vegas. From now on, I will introduce you to the rising hotel of Macau. The Win Palace Hotel, which was opened in 2016, is located in Kotai Strip, so it is convenient to spend two nights and three days in Macau while looking at the main attractions of Macau. When you enter the hotel, the lobby is decorated with colorful flowers. Enjoy the works of art made from all over the hotel and leave a commemorative shot of the Win Palace Hotel.

Luxurious bathrooms that are spacious than any other hotel, fluffy beds, and admiration are perfect for relieving everyday fatigue and enjoying a hub. You can enjoy relaxed fresh play in a full cafe and outdoor swimming pool and relax in the fitness center and spa. There’s a Starbucks inside the hotel, so it’s easy to use during your stay when you need caffeine charging. The breakfast of the Win Palace Hotel Fontana Buffet is a rich menu. You can start your day with a variety of menus such as bakery, fruit, dim sum, instant dishes, chocolate, and cheese.

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2 nights and 3 days in Macau, I imagine it. It will be perfect for two nights and three days, with exotic attractions with the old flavor, the brilliant night view of Macau, and the rest at the 5 -star hotel. If you need healing in the chilly weather, start with a ticket and hotel reservation from to Macau!

Joo -rin, the main character of the drama My Girl, grew up in Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau because of his father.

Her most touching film is . It is the story of a scammer woman. Because it is a minor woman, he works as a tourist guide in Jeju Island, but the unlicensed wind stabs the sky. The blatant quickness is the greatest specialty.

Joo -rin (Idahae), who signed a contract with Seol Gong -chan (Lee Dong -wook) and acted on her brother and sister, falls in love with Gong -chan, and she lies for him. She calls all people and lies that she deliberately approached Gong Chan.

The day of the middle school student came to me.

“Which apartment?”

A friend who has never talked to me has talked to me. I said a fake house address quickly and precisely like a freshly enlisted trainer. Then the friend was glad to say.

“uh? I live in the same building as you too. Let’s go together when you go home ”

Ah! Even the friend said he lived below me. I would say that I would say what I was in the truth, or I had a job and refused to suggest that I had a time to go to school.

I felt like I was dragged to the slaughterhouse throughout my walking to a fake house with a friend. Her friend’s chat was not in his ear, and in her head, she was full of thoughts about how to act.

Arriving at an apartment building with a friend, I suddenly made a flimsy excuse that things happened. My friend was strange but believed in my words. After confirming that a friend rides the elevator, I ran out of the apartment complex. I didn’t know that the behavior was in line with me.

The friend also asked me to go to school the next day. The situation of the day before was repeated due to the rejection. Arriving in front of a fake house, I got to the elevator with my friend. In the elevator, a friend asked if my house was a double -story or a fault. My mom’s friend was a double floor, but I didn’t know that.

At that time, the scary horse in the world flowed out of my friend’s mouth.

“Are you a lie to live here?”

It turned out that a friend stepped back the day before, and after checking the real house. His face was hot when he was embarrassed.

He realized that it was terrible to have another lie to cover the lie, and to lose trust, feeling that the lies are getting bigger.

I thought I could not go to school in the future. I couldn’t apologize or think of it, but I ran home. That day I had a hellish night.

The next morning, I found an unexpected note on my desk. It was what he sent to know 바카라검증사이트 my truth.

“ I will not tell anyone, don’t worry too much ”

Thanks to my friend who wrapped my young mistake, I have been huge in life. After that day, when friends asked about their homes, they did not lie and honestly revealed the situation. I invited me to a real house and introduced my home environment, which is not economically more economically than them.

Even as an adult, he does not have a big lie to lose trust. I think it’s something to do for those who believe and care for me to live as me as it is rather than living me.

The new semester, an unforgettable event was the lesson of life.

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