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“New store [Iight Konotori]”

It is late to raise it with noodles, slots, and falling combo (・ ・;)

While changing the order a little, I will raise it in a hurry today! !

7/10 Open (^O^)/

● New store [Ramen Iight Konotori]

Instagram This is a shop opened on the site of [Ikuiken Ibaraki County] in Ibaraki City (・ ∀ ・) It was produced by [Tori Ichinoya] in Neyagawa City, which was recently opened. It is information with a ramen shop where the relatives of Hodoyama] opened.

Talk to the noodles and kill time to enter the store (^o^)/

Shirayu soup that combines pork bones based on Tottori Oyama chicken. A slightly darker soy sauce sauce with a rich animal -based umami (^q^)

Moist chicken magnetic shoe. You can enjoy the flavor of meat and a slightly brape accent ♪ You can enjoy the tingling taste with three spices that combine pepper, sesame, and sansho ♪

I think the rice dive also goes well! !

This point (・ ∀ ・)

As you can see from the photo.

The parking lot is complete! !

This time I visited by car and managed to park for free.

No, but it’s far from Sakai (^_^;)

By the way, I used high speed

I’m going to the second house on the way home, but there was about 20 kilometers from here (^_^;)

If it’s a car, you can’t drive ← What is the obvious thing …

On a train, you can put the articles together and read your favorite 카지노 manga.

After that, there is no risk of accidents

Basically, we go by train on holidays.

Another big one can purchase unlimited riding on the subway for 600 yen

All you can ride on the subway!

It is a very useful yatsu. By all means ♪

Dowa (*^ω^) ノ

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