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Omicron Ba.5 Macau, 12 new positive number of new positives … only one person from the general city = 1795 people since 6/18 (Macau Shimbun)

Macau, a population of about 680,000, maintained zero infections in the city of the new colona for about eight months, but since midnight on June 18, positive people have continued for about one month. 。 (Hereafter, “6.18 outbreak”) 6.18 Outbreak, which has a very strong infectivity, has a very strong Omicron mutant group “BA.5.1” flowing into the city (unknown infection source), expanding its propagation. It is a major threat to Macau, which is considered to be done, with a population density of more than 20,000 per square kilometers per square kilometer. The government aims to achieve zero collarona targets, such as high -frequency PCR inspections and “social relative station”. The Macau Government New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Countermeasures Center announced the latest information on 6.18 outbreaks on July 21. The number of people whose positive was determined after a PCR test during the last 24 hours until 0:00 am on July 21 (limited to city infection cases) was reduced for the first time in two days. Of the 12 people, the discovery from the isolation target (in the zone targeted for local lockdown and isolation quarantine hotels), the number of people decreased by two, from the previous day, 4 people from the general city, and 6.18 outbreaks. To the minimum one (0 rich contacters, one for all citizen PCR tests and one for priority inspection, 0 others). The majority of cases from the isolation target to the discovery for 13 consecutive days, and the number of positive people from the general city maintained a single digit for five consecutive days. There are 1795 cumulative positive people since June 18. The number of people who were 코인카지노 subject to epidemiological surveys (isolated) by 8:00 am on the 21st was 22,353. The breakdown is 1795 positive, 3510 rich contacters, 12,283 non -core contacters (with positive people), 1321 secondary contacters, and 256 general contacts. There are 780 attendants. Macau has been conducting a high frequency of comprehensive PCR tests for all citizens and quick antigen tests for all citizens, as well as additional PCR tests that focus on some of the priority areas and priority people. ing. From July 10 to 23, a high -frequency PCR test is being conducted (take the test every 2 days, the 7th to 13th after June 19), and during the period, a self -implementation of a quick antigen test is also required. It is. Currently, the 12th inspection is underway (8:00 am on the 20th to 7:00 pm on the 21st), and 440,28 people take the test by 8:00 am on the 21st. Of these, the results of 413,522 were known to be negative, and one mixture sample (one for 10 people) had a positive reaction detected, and as a result of a single sample inspection, one was positive. 。 The number of positive reaction detections of mixed samples has been decreasing as the fourth and later, two weeks ago. Specifically, 94 are 94 in the 4th, 41 in the 5th, 23 in the 6th, 17 in the 8th, 13 in the 8th, 9 in the 9th, 10th. Five and eleven two. Since July 11, Macau has been in a “social relative” state due to special epidemic measures, and is needed for social management and maintaining citizens’ lives (infrastructure, fuel, food, pharmacy, etc.). The operation is stopped. If you are basically a stay home, if you are in the entire citizen PCR test or work, it is said that it is limited to purchasing and emergency requirements, and adults are required to wear a mask above the KN95 standard. This special measure was originally planned for seven days, but it was an extension of five days. However, the government has shifted to the next stage, which will be the next stage from 23rd, as the number of positive reaction detections from positive people from the general city and mixed samples of all citizen PCR tests is decreasing. It was announced on the afternoon of the 20th. The period is one week, and although it is maintained to wear a stay home or a mask for wearing a mask above the KN95 standard when going out, commercial industrial activities, including casino facilities, can be partially resumed after satisfying the number of people to work on the same number of workers. It will be. Frequent PCR tests were partially targeted, and only two days on July 30 and 31 were carried out on all citizens. However, a quick antigen test is performed every day, and a result report is required.

good morning. I went to Takashimaya yesterday. I bought a childbirth celebration because my husband was born. Recent baby clothes have many cute designs, so I was wondering where to buy them.

Baccarat products were 메리트카지노 on display on the first floor of Takashimaya. It was beautiful. Now, I think that Baccarat products are on display because the French exhibition is being held at Takashimaya.

The meal was a golden shabu -shabu -shabu and a shabu -shabu. Meat was a Japanese black beef that rarely buys in my home, and it was delicious.

The snack was a fruit tart I bought at A La Campagne, which was light and delicious.

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