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온라인 슬롯의 차이점

“Patience practice, go to the casino! Collect data!”

The other day, I enjoyed the golf party on Monday without getting it in the rain, without falling!

My group is a long -time golf fellow Hiro, Nabe -chan, and permanent scratch, but in the last few years, my golf fever has been reduced, my aging (laughs), etc. (laughs). Is 40-60m! ​​In this case, it is difficult to fight equally!

From the next time, I will give you four handicaps, but I will decline (laughs)

By the way, what I have helped with a part -time food truck is recently, there are many shower, there are many cancellations, so it is difficult to use it!

The casino has won the same, hit and -aui operation as usual, and is currently in four consecutive victories. Yesterday, I went in the morning, but the two were started, and when I checked it, it was already profitable, and I couldn’t participate in the next shoe! , Defeat the amount of data, drop the amount and participate! About 40 minutes in time! In a place like Baccarat, the dealer is replaced by a 24 -hour real baccarat on the screen and is doing it! The minimum bet is $ 5 and his hurdle is low, just a low hurdle. Bet time is as fast as 15 seconds (laughs)

I wonder if I’m thinking about the next hand (laughs)

It may be good to nurture the rotation and concentration of the head!

However, the amount is being lowered in consideration of the incoming mistakes, etc. (laughs).

However, from $ 200, we have started $ 720, but we haven’t counted it (laughs), but we win enough for lunch. Yesterday, at the table, I would end up with lunch and haircut fee at Machine Baccarat!

After a long time, I had a professional cut and shampoo! It was a good deal for a senior weekday price for $ 20! Thank you, Mr. Inoue, a barber!

It is a 5-10 minute shop from a casino called a samurai bar bar!

On Thursday nights, I participated in the Japanese ⇔ English Iksteen Association for the first time! Well, as expected, I wonder if there were about 20 바카라 people from my children and the same age? It seems to be held! This time, Kevin’s Kevin organizer Indonesian Jenny Korea Darrel Indonesian Stun Australia

Caleb South Africa Caita Kanagawa Prefecture

Emi Tokyo Korean Caesar Italian

Luke Bali Island Mako Suma Ward, and the first party, such as Gun China, the pub under the Barak ST, the second party, the Aberden ST, Korea, Japanese karaoke shops, and now Korean restaurants are prosperous! rice field!

For the first time in Perth, I came to the city this night!

I rejuvenate my feelings! (Laughs) When I talk to a young person !!

Nostalgic friends came out, I’m still sloppy! (Laughs)

By the way, today, the biorism is bad, so the basic casino is closed!

However, I will go to the casino as a patience practice!

Machine Baccarat does a little, but Table Baccarat only collects data!

By the way, can you put up with it and not play the game?! Today is practice and patience training (laughs).

Thank you to everyone who reads!

Anything about casinos, baccarat, studying abroad, Australia, etc. If you are interested in Tosa, such as consultation, questions, please contact us anytime!

The person who comes, does not refuse, and is a policy that does not follow what is left, and we are responding!


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Then, it’s a good day every day (laughs)

If you travel with your child, there is a course that you should give up even if you want to go. Winery, bars, spas, and casinos. Surprisingly, all four of these Sarato Springs are gathered. For two days left without children, my husband and I decided to get a small deviation. First, I made a reservation at The Inn at Saratoga, Saratoga, which I usually wanted to see. Children could not come because they were uncomfortable with these old hotels. The oldest hotel, which was built in 1843 and has been in operation to this day, is located in downtown. Stop a car in the hotel parking lot, walk downtown, have dinner, go around late at night, watch and drink a drink. Inside, it is decorated in the Victorian style where you can feel the history of the 1800s. After eating dinner provided by a full course, live music performances continue. The walls are full of pictures and historical photographs that can know the history long ago. There are also three sides decorated with unique pictures in the elevator.

The corridor is also a pew, but the feeling is rather polite. At the entrance of the hotel, Sarato, the perfect combination of the present and past, is Springs, the inn at saratoga is the perfect Marriage of Past and Present. Entering a fairly large room, it is also full of Victorian -style furniture. There is a pillar bed that your husband doesn’t like, with a large round table with unusual decoration and two green velvet rock chairs. There is a cabinet and a wardrobe with a large TV, and there was a full -body mirror on the window. The clean white bathroom was a modern modern style. If you go to a hotel where history remains, sometimes there are some inconveniences, which are in harmony with the proper harmony.

The first place I went to the hotel was to organize my luggage, change my clothes. Also, wait 30-40 minutes to get a seat. It was a place I decided to go this time, so I was willing to wait as much as I could wait. When I came back and went back, the dark blade was already after that. First, six six -ounce draft beer ordered a sampler at the same time. It was great to be able to try various flavors. In particular, the lemon -colored beer is said to be a suspicious beer at this year’s beer competition, which was my favorite sweet taste. While the two blossomed, the night went deeper. By the time he was taken, the outdoor outdoor was quiet as people left one by one. We also emptied the glass, and ten poems woke up. As I came out, my husband asked if I could go to the casino.

When I wanted to go to the hotel, my husband didn’t go back and asked if I would not regret it. I heard that, so I thought it would be a pity later. The casino is also close to the hotel. When I entered the entrance, the atmosphere was a little different from other casinos. Compared to other casinos, there are many young people who look like college students. I thought it might be a nearby skidmore college student, and I thought that parents who sent their children would be worried. Gambling is also addictive, so if you fall out, it’s hard to break up. You have to come to the casino once or twice a year, but when you come to the casino, you’re just excited and excited. I just like the atmosphere, but I can’t even have a common blackjack, and I only pull the slot machine. There was also a margin called Titanic, so I watched it.

When I went back to the hotel, midnight was over. The day after I was sleeping, I opened my eyes when the sunshine came in between the chiffon curtains. I took a shower and went to eat breakfast. I was very curious and looking forward to what breakfast is here. As I went down to the lobby, calm music, coffee and cookies, and the sound of sweet dishes seemed to wake up my five senses. The bowl filled with white coffee glasses and blue and calm floral cups came first. There were many kinds of bread. In addition to bagels, cupcakes, and many kinds of muffins, there were also fastry, castella and pound cakes. happy. I started breakfast with coffee, fruit cocktails and castella. He also brought sausages, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and salads to her husband’s nagging to eat carbohydrate addiction and protein. It was also fun to see people coming and going while talking with my husband while eating slowly. In particular, the dining area was not so large that the story of the table was heard, especially the history of the hotel, which was heard by the grandmother of Eunbal, who had a good green coral earring and a green floral scarf. I didn’t want to get up after the meal, so I kept touching the cup of coffee. The longer the time I spent here, the more time it would be time to leave.

After breakfast, I went to the Roosevelt Spa I had booked in advance. It is named after President Franklin Roosevelt, who frequently visited this place for treatment and rest. I arrived 15 minutes before the reservation time. The morning air was so refreshing that I walked away.

Following the wonderful corridor for a while, the entrance comes out. I confirmed the list of reservations and asked if I would add aroma territories to the mineral bats. I liked the lavender scent and said it would do it. An employee in a blue shirt came and smiled brightly 슬롯나라 and greeted him. As I went, I had a cup of water in a large cup.

When I went to the guide room, there was a bed and a bathtub in a solitary room with a toilet, and the bath was filled with mineral water. If the water is lukewarm, you can turn hot water, but the mineral water is cold, so it is better not to make it too hot. And the mineral water used here is said to come from the Lincoln Spring and gave a basic explanation of the mineral bats. Then I will come back 30-40 minutes later, so if I want to come out of the bath, I changed my clothes and told me to come out. The European spa experienced at the Alkansan made the staff attached to it, and it made me experience a variety of courses. I felt a bit of a feeling of feeling, but on the other hand, I was free to feel comfortable.

The aroma from the desk was loosened and inside the bathtub, the fragrance was good and the water was quite warm and good. Turning off the lights and the small candle turned on, and the calm music came out. After you finish, you can change your clothes and put a tip in a small envelope on the table. I went to the locker room and came out of the gown. I did a mineral bat, so don’t take a shower right now, but I told you to relax while drinking mineral water or tea in the lounge. There were not many people in the cozy lounge, and everyone was reading books or drinking tea. On one side is a variety of tea, fruits and water. While reading the magazine book, the steam sauna was simple, and I changed my clothes and came out. It was refreshing and nice to finish the spa for an hour or two.

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