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Politics can be changed by combining power

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by hara-noriko | 2021-09-05 02:25 | National affairs | Comments (2)


Representative Tetsu Miyamoto who appeals from the street

On the left is Ryuta Kitamura, Higashikurume City Council

“Let’s realize politics that protects life by changing governments.”

Mistakes to strengthen opposition co -fighting

Mistakes to strengthen opposition co -fighting

The proportional representative is to the Japanese Communist Party

The proportional representative is to the Japanese Communist Party

Conclude a policy agreement with “20 ward citizens’ union”

Conclude a policy agreement with “20 ward citizens’ union”

Communist Party Tan Tetsu House of Representatives who are active in the 20th ward of Tokyo

Communist Party Tan Tetsu House of Representatives who are active in the 20th ward of Tokyo

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Life Consultation We are conducting life consultation at the office with the Japanese Communist Party Higashi -Kurume 메가슬롯 Central Branch. Please feel free to call out. TEL / FAX 042 (476) 2544 Hara Office Yukimachi 3-6-3 (JA line, bus stop “Central Library entrance”) Advertisement on Saturday every Saturday, on the west exit of Higashi -Kurume Station. 。 Please cooperate by all means.

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When I came to Canada and Toronto for five months and started working at Bakery, my best Japanese friend introduced my job. It was hard to find without introduction, but he said that he first learned this with the introduction of a Russian friend who was like a language school.

In fact, my plan was six months Toronto and six months Vancouver, so I had to start preparing to leave. However, no matter how much I think about it, the city movement to Vancouver seemed to be unreasonable. In Toronto, I had a lot of friends, and I saved my work, but I thought I would go to a new city and start everything. Above all, it was very fun to go around with my friends. Six months in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, was shorter than expected. In addition, the first three months passed by the time.

Another reason why he continued to remain in Toronto without moving to Vancouver was because of his visa. Even though it was a one -year visa, it was hard to find work.

Anyway, I sent my resume and photos for my friend’s strong recommendation and went to the interview. The company was located in Missoger, the west region in Toronto, which had to take a bus from the last station of the subway, but it seemed very interesting.

Later, in the documents that wrote everything I did in Canada to apply for permanent residence, I wrote Model/Presenter, but this was exactly an online casino dealer.

After a brief interview, I moved to the place to mix the card from the practice table and 바카라사이트추천 gave it time to practice a few words. The camera on the screen through the camera was so awkward and it couldn’t be strange, so I thought, ‘Don’t be heartbroken even if it doesn’t work.’

Eventually, I worked several times and worked in September. The hourly wage was $ 15 per hour, but only 30 minutes was mixed in front of the camera, the game was done, and the remaining 30 minutes could rest or sleep in the rest room. Whenever I first asked what to do, I was asked a lot of attention and questions when I was an online casino dealer, but sometimes I was asked, “I’m taking it off.”

To be honest, only women of the fixed image they think of the company were selected. Half were Russian and Ukrainian white beauty, and the other half were rich Southeast Asian Canadian girls. In addition, I was only a Japanese and a Korean, but every time I asked, ‘How did you get it?’ At that time, I had quite a long hair, but when I first came to Canada as a Warhol visa, I thought it would be attractive because everyone was yellow hair.

There were many rules for appearance, and the company had to wear a black dress from the company, and had to hand over the head to one side, and had to wear very large silver earrings and necklaces. Accessories and shoes paid half of the costs by submitting a receipt.

My friend who introduced this was just a day, I went back to Japan, and I only worked with me, and only one day my first day work, but that day to me, “Don’t think that girls are not friends here, don’t give me a friend.” He introduced a good friend who is close to him.

The company, which is now gone, was not illegal because it was a production place that provided video to online casino companies, not a company that directly operates online casinos. We had three games: Backer Rat, Blackjack, and Roulette, and we used a large card to get well on the screen, and we could start working by practicing simple rules and how to mix cards. The game was performed on a computer, so it didn’t matter if I didn’t know the rules, and I only had to read the lines on the screen.

The company continued to run 24 hours a year without a day off, so the shift was divided into three shifts, and the bakery work was from Monday to Friday. This is because the casino work, which stands 30 minutes or $ 15 than a bakery that stands for an hour and gets $ 11.

In addition, unlike bakery, which is resting on holidays, this place, where you can work on holidays, was able to receive 1.5 times the hourly wage on holidays.

As I worked, I got a lot of time, working in a bakery from 8 am to 4 pm, returning home, resting at the casino from 11:00 to 7:00, and taking the train the next day to UNION station. I started.

Three months before the Warhol Visa ended, he quit his bakery work and worked hard for two days for four months before he worked 40 hours a week.

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