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“[Red Makogo 1] Fantasy Girl Wars Complete Box Personal Character Performance Review”

Touhou Doujin Game produced by the circle “Sanbon -do”,

We will appropriately describe the strength of the character of the fantasy Girls War and the development policy.

It contains a lot of spoilers.

Regarding the evaluation, etc., it is completely personal opinion, so I hope you can keep it for reference only.

Page list

・ Red Makogo Hen 1 (here) ・ Red Makogo Edition 2 ・ Youth Dream Edition 1 ・ Youth Dream Edition 2

・ Eijusho 1 ・ Eiya Sho edition 2 ・ Wind God Record / Land Reien, Star Ren Ship

・ Other editions (during production)

Various precautions

As a premise, it is not such a difficult game up to N +,

It is a balance that can be cleared without having to worry about using only your favorite characters.

So you don’t have to be too particular about performance. It’s cost system.

Furthermore, if you are a bride, you can play an active part in any character.

Furthermore, the evaluation on this page is mainly from N+to H.

We do not evaluate extremely high difficulty (Lunatic).

Avoidance: Real-based-Semi-real-semi-Super-Super: Endurance

Firepower: Evaluation of the highest one from continuing firepower, instant thermal power, support firepower, support attack firepower, etc.

Survival: Evasion rate, armor, HP, barrier, etc.

Support: Mental commands, recovery, easy to strengthen/weaken and support, earning surface (MAP weapons, etc.).

It is a perception that C is about average.

Some characters have a significant change in performance depending on which unique skills are attached.

I hope this is also a light image.

First of all, this page is from Rumia to Misuzu.

Rumia 2.0COST/Shooting/Near -Medium Distance/Quasi -Super system

Firepower: D/Survival: D+/Support: A+

・ After all, the unique skill “Yokora” is large, and it is an essential partner for two vampires.

・ It has high support performance, such as having support protection from the beginning, and it is also important to learn “weakness”.

In the early stages of the mental command, he is also active in a nightbird hit debuff.

・ “Night darkness” is a meaningless skill other than the character of night S,

In this work, anyone can make it a night S with firefly pearls, so we will form a trusted formation with Remilia.

Sakuya, if you have a firefly pearl around the patchouli, you can strengthen it.

・ If it is the early stage of the youchin, even the main character such as Reimu and Marisa.

The equipment frame is enough. Especially for real characters, Rumia’s support defense

The adjacent value is high because you can rely on it.

-The night S by the pearls of the firefly fire also increases the terrain adaptation of the weapon, so the firepower can be enhanced.

Compared to Mystia, it can be said that it is as good as it is as good as it is …

It is exceptional to be able to enhance this much friends with 2.0 costumes.

・ In addition, at night S, in addition to the night S, because it has the effect of “other terrain adaptation of other terrain at night”.

If you set the original empty/land/water suitability to S, the terrain adaptation will be SS judgment.

・ As a difficulty, durability is mainly anxious.

It is a supermarket that is easily covered by S size, and the armor value is not so high.

Special attention is required when using the night darkness with avant -garde.

・ However, since it has a powerful barrier for 1200 damage reduction, it has a barrier for laser.

Except for opponents who only attack L attacks, such as bat and Grimoar, the enemy.

You can throw it into the avant -garde with confidence … but this is still forbidden. The spirit is not stingy.

・ Furthermore, at the end of the game, the thermal power that was short after the acquisition of the combined attack by Bacartet.

It will be enough. The final person has a limited number of ammunition, so basic chirno and riggles

It will shoot, but normal Bacartet S may be fired by Rumia.

・ If you want to sortie only to shoot Bacartet S, even more unique skills

There is also a “bakartet enhancement” and put in the rear guard around the wig.

・ From the above, the performance of Rumia himself has a modest firepower.

If you are using the Red Demon Hall and Bakartet, although it is so far in both evasion and durability,

It is a required character.

・ The pairing opponent does not try to assemble in poor effort, but actually formulate the formation.

It is the easiest to pair with an appropriate character overflowing from the frame.

Support characters with mental commands such as large fairies and acceleration are best.

・ Lily White fully satisfies the above conditions (mental use+acceleration)

It’s compatible, but you’ll be working with Mystia, who is also struggling with the rear guard.

I like which rear guard to put Lily.

When Lily is blacked, it adds barrier + armor value increased.

Since the suitability of support protection is high, the basics can be managed without support defense.

Will it be a bit tasty to put it on Rumia?

・ If you go back to the rear guard with Remilia, the night darkness can only be hung on Remilia

There are big drawbacks. Although it is not necessary to match the position, each other’s specifications

There is a feeling that it cannot be used. Well, the night darkness is the most effective partner, so

If you want to make Remilia warrior without worrying about the position.

・ Skill configuration example (avant -garde night dark type)

Support defense L2 ~/high -speed movement/Guard/lie avoidance/mood expensive/extend/size difference correction

Other candidates: Kasuri/bottom power/P collection (destroy), etc.

・ The highest priority is high -speed movement to keep up with Remilia. There is no acceleration, so it will be left.

・ In the end, the environment is becoming more severe, so even in the Reimu class.

Rumia’s lie is honestly an error while being unable to avoid it without spirit.

However, the lie itself is a super cospas skill, and it can be fully avoided in the early stages.

Considering that, I would like to get Rumia if I intend to earn PP firmly.

・ There are many opportunities to protect support, so I want a guard for the end of the game.

If you don’t have enough PP to avoid lies, you can get a guard.

・ Because it is not a character that hits from yourself, securing energy by the big boss battle F Bakartet S

It is enough if you can secure 140 you can shoot. It is not enough to make the mood uplifting (destroy).

Needless to say, if you can do it, it’s more powerful.

・ Full reinforcement/bride bonus (for reference because most characters are not actually operated)

・ We recommend that you improve your mobile power to make the darkness easier to use.

Sometimes you may feel uneasy about the durability, but the priority is low because it can be supplemented with equipment.

(The movement power can be supplemented with equipment at high speed, but the low -speed moving power improvement equipment is quite valuable).

・ Even when used as an attacker, the mobile improvement does not rot.

・ The bride bonus is super stable every turn. Weakness makes it easier to use.

If you are strengthening enough to get your bride bonus, with the unique skill “EX Power”

The priority of this is even higher because the avant -garde super sparse from the awakening acquisition is possible.

・ The second bride bonus is a range of range and movement +2 if it is operated as an attacker.

Alternatively, it can be used for support and can be replaced with firepower equipment.

Equipment slot +1 is not bad either. Although there are many slots from the beginning, the priority is slightly lower.

・ Since the united attack requires the number of bullets/MP for everyone, even if one recovers every turn.

Unfortunately, you can’t shoot Final Vacartet S every turn. Around

I think that if you marry five people, you will be able to shoot every turn, so the priority is high.

・ This is something that can be said to all characters, not just Rumia,

You can get many powerful equipment in the lapping play, so the equipment slot is

Even if there are three characters from the beginning, the value of the equipment slot +1 will increase.

Be aware of that.

Large fairy 1.5Cost/shooting/medium distance/real system

Firepower: E/Survival: E/Support: A

・ In the early stages, healing, blessing, prayer and support specialized in the end.

・ It is too special for support, and although it is real, it is not stable to avoid small fish enemy attacks.

However, the content of the mental command does not change even if it is 1.5 or 4 costumes, so it costs low cost.

It is worth adopting even at the end of the game as a supporter. If you are a rear guard, you can hardly get an attack.

・ Differentiation points as a supporter of the big fairy are low cost, and

There is a strengthening of Chirno.

・ The unique skill “Naming Staff” gives Cirno a confidence correction 6

(Up to 9, including Chirno). This skill supports Chirno’s strength,

Trust correction 9 is a correction of 33%of hits and 18%of the useless, useless chestnut rate.

This is the effect that the avoidance of Chirno is strangely stable.

・ Basically, support with mental commands is the main, but I can’t do anything more, so

If you look only at the support performance, it is inferior to Lily White. Naturally because the cost is low.

・ However, the strengthening of Chirno is tremendous, and the battle support is overwhelmingly exceeded Lily.

・ The unique skill “Tears on the Battlefield” is a skill that greatly assists important mental aspects.

Still, because it is not very competitive with the prayer medal of the angel’s gospel lily.

I think it is the essence of the great fairy to support while strengthening Chirno with the famous Chief of Staff.

・ In the early stages of healing, “health” is powerful.

It would be fine here until Chirno learns the size difference correction ignorant.

・ Chirno is overwhelmingly recommended for paired opponents.

・ If you have Rumia or Mistia’s rear guard, you can get there.

If you remodel the HP and armor to some extent, you can take advantage of the initial learning support.

・ Regarding DIE -chan (bride 10 Ganbari and L4 Great Fairy)

If you don’t touch it here (I’ve never been raised), if you’re worried

You may want to try it yourself.

・ Skill configuration example

Mental rise in L3/Extend L2/P collection (defeat)/support defense

Other candidates: Ignore size difference correction/support enhancement/belief, etc.

・ Basically, it is sufficient to add P (defeat) and extend the mental rise + extend.

・ If the PP is left, you can ignore the size difference and enhance support.

If you are desperate for the badness of Cospa, which keeps growing in spirit, please.

・ If you want to make DIE -chan, you should just refer to Chirno as it is.

・ Full reinforcement/bride bonus

・ Honestly, anything is fine, but is the hit rate+20 % influential because it doesn’t have a must -have system?

Because the attack power is low, the effect of weapon attack power +300 is also relatively high, so it is also fine.

・ In the case of DIE -chan, the range is good because it is an avant -garde operation.

・ The bride bonus is a SP recovery every turn.

・ The problem is the second, but if you want to make Die -chan and make it a bride 10

The range, moving power +2 would be better. Dai -chan has poor P armament, so he increases his range

If you take a hit & away, the ease of handling will increase to the goo.

・ Do not take the equipment slot +1 even if you make a mistake. It will not be a slot 5.

Cirno 2.0COST/shooting/medium distance/real system

Firepower: A/Survival: A/Support: C

・ 2.0 Kos is the strongest attacker. Until Pulsei subscription, two costumes are far power.

・ Acquisition of passionate blood is as fast as the Koji of Sparobo.

However, since the size is S, it is difficult to get firepower if there is no size difference correction.

So before the hot -blooded acquisition, it is forced to operate far from attackers.

・ The weak point is that the only attack that can shoot at a distance of 1 is 5 with a maximum range of 5.

It is quite inconvenient in the early stages that the P weapon before the Great Crusher acquisition is poor.

・ Because the HP is low and the enemies are being devastated, I want to make it an avoidance shield in the early stages.

The trust compensation with the great fairy is large, and the avoidance rate is significantly increased just by being adjacent.

The survival power is a top class in real life because it is more indomitable.

・… I ’m not good at grazing because the low HP of the raw HP.

If you do not think about anything, you will be destroyed by Chiri Chiri without activating indomitable.

Regardless of the early stages, after the middle stage, you will need some measures with general -purpose skills.

・ Ignore the size difference correction, and after acquiring thermal blood, it can produce firepower that can be mistaken.

At the time of the Yo’s chapter, it is Chirno or Marisa who can use hot blood, and a little late sister red.

At this point with few characters, it is an excellent attacker even before the addition of weapons.

・ After the chapter of Eternal, you will be able to pair, and by a pair with the “Future Staff” Great Fairy.

The avoidance of hits will increase further and the damage will increase.

The Cirno side is even more powerful by enhancing trust compensation with the unique skill “Single Magic”.

・ In the Eternal Chapter, the wig and Mystia join, and the trust correction increases further.

Attach the night dark roumia and have a firefly pearl to Chirno

There is no enemy if you margin and Mistaire next to you. perhaps.

・ When it comes to the dream chapter, a combined attack (Final) Bacartet Special has been added,

Furthermore, the thermal power is further increased by the unique skill “Saikyo Donmaku”.

・ The coalescence attack is far in 2 costs, even with the value of the attack power, and further “courage”.

By increasing the damage correction by 1.8 times, it is also a 2 -cost class

It is possible to produce the highest firepower that exceeds his pulsey, an attacker.

・ Despite removing the twin magic, trust correction will be reduced, but if there is a great Fairy staff member.

Because the hit avoidance and the useless non-use ratio are about -9%,

If he pursues the highest firepower, he is recommended.

Of course, you can keep the twin magic with emphasis on ease of handling.

・ The supporter performance is not bad, and the avoidance debuff in the freezing rays includes “freeze”.

It is quite large with 25 % (about one concentration). A powerful number not only in the early stages but also in the end.

・ If you have enough attackers, you may want to turn here.

・ If you comprehensively, it is highly living as an attacker, but it is highly living.

It is a strong character that can handle the avoidance rate debuff, and the performance is unlikely to be 2.0 costumes.

・ If you are hit without indomitability, it will drop almost 100%immediately, and courage is a lot of consumption SP, etc.

Although there are many weaknesses, it has the strengths that make up for it.

・ Pair opponents will be the basic fairy. Except for the big fairy, the survival will decrease.

Still, it’s powerful just because it’s indomitable.

・ Skill configuration example

Ignore size difference correction/Lie avoidance/Kasuri L2/P collection (defeat)/P limit breakthrough/extend/ + 1 frame

Other candidates: belief/close/support attack/collaborative attack/support defense, etc.

・ The size difference correction is ignored first.

・ The avoidance of initial learning is quite high, but

Adjusting Chirno’s HP is almost impossible with normal operation, so you can remove it.

・ As mentioned in the Rumia column, the lie avoidance is a mess, so I get it.

・ Extend is to use courage, so if you operate it with twin magic, use another skill.

・ The +1 frame is one of the beliefs that emphasizes thermal power, the closing of stability, and the support attack of strong skills.

When choosing a support attack, it is used as a twin magic luck to increase the constant firepower.

If you use an extend to a collaborative attack, it can be more specialized as a supporter.

In this operation, there are many rival horses such as Reusen and pulse.

・ It is a skill for characters that are not good at grazing that does not have to be turned back.

L1 is cheap, but the L2 is too expensive and subtle. For “Glaze + low -speed not good character”.

Chirno has no point in bothering low -speed movement.

・ Full reinforcement/bride bonus

・ Weapon range +1 to enhance performance as an attacker is recommended.

The hole with a range 1 cannot be covered even if it is a bride, so it is not suitable for a protruding in the first place.

・ The bride bonus recovers every turn every turn to use as much courage as possible.

・ The second is a place to recover by 50 % of the range & movement+2 or MP ammunition every turn,

Cirno can use the number of bullets and MP in the Great Crusher and the united attack.

Is the range and movement +2 more influential?

・ If you can go around and become a bakartet and a large fairy member, you can recover 50 % turn MP bullets.

You can shoot a combined attack. Convenience is reduced, but firepower goes up by far.

・ There are many equipment that you want to have, such as Oira, so the slot +1 is enough.

Beni Misuzu 2.5Cost/Fight/Near Distance/Super system

Thermal power: B/Survival: A+/Support: A

・ A support defense character as imagined. You can do anything else if you just want to support

There is a unit, but Misuzu is based on the unique skill “Red Demon Dragon”.

She is the only character who can support support during the PP.

・ It is a strong skill that does not require inspiration or indomitable when launching an attack from here.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a savior for attackers who do not have these skills.

・ However, as a weak point, it is not possible to receive support attacks at the same time because it consumes a support frame.

・ In short, it is a character on the side that the support attack, and there is no flash or indomitable.

Good compatibility with attacker. Who is Flandol? Anyways

It is compatible, and there is no reason not to pair with a hula unless there is any special reason.

・ Because it is of course relying on attackers other than franc, it is a main attacker.

If the character you want to do is worried about the survival, you may want to rely on Misuzu.

・ Red Demon Dragon has four restrictions per 1 MAP. Be careful.

・ It is often thought that it is a tank, but in 카지노 fact the fighting value is quite high and at a level comparable to Fran.

Despite the lack of buffs in unique skills, the attack power is quite good.

・ Size L has a foundation that can be damaged, such as acquiring hot blood on its own.

・ As a drawback, the mobile power and range are relatively devastating.

・ The range is MAX5, but the only range of 5 weapons is a shooting weapon + empty B, and it is not good.

In particular, the traveling force is the ability to move, and the high -speed 5/low -speed 3 is too strict to operate the avant -garde.

・ However, this drawback is that I do not care at all after the chapter of Eternal, which can be paired.

It can be said that it is a character that has received a tailwind on the system.

・ Up to the youth chapter, while improving your movement with equipment,

Is it an operation that can withstand the unique skill “backwater team” or “earthen legs”?

・ Since the firepower can be released from the beginning, it will be reliable forever if you manage your movement.

・ The shrine legs are valued even after the middle stage when they want hardness.

It is powerful not to the Red Demon Dragon to be able to become hard on the ground as long as it is on the ground.

・ Skill configuration example

Support defense/bottom power/P collection (defeat)/support enhancement

Other candidates: belief/power limit breakthrough/low -speed movement/guard

・ Not only Misuzu but also rear guard characters have few necessary skills.

In addition, guards that are withdrawn to the rear guard often do not need guards.

・ However, if you want to protect your support with the avant -garde, Misuzu himself may be targeted +

It is better to have a guard for Misuzu’s own attack.

・ If you concentrate on the dragon of the Red Demon by the rear guard, the level of support defense is not necessary.

・ Support enhancement is a promising candidate to make use of the high firepower of Misuzu with the rear guard.

If it is a rear guard, the power may not rise to 170 if it is a rear guard.

In that case, belief is recommended.

・ Low -speed movement is the skill you want between the youth chapters, but some skills you want.

Because there are few, you can take the Youth chapter to make it comfortable.

・ Full reinforcement/bride bonus

・ When operating avant -garde, is the basics of moving power +1 good?

A bonus that can be used if you go around with the avant -garde and go around the avant -garde with a pinpoint.

・ If you use it as an attacker, the range +1 tends to be influential, but in the case of Misuzu

In addition to the low movement power, the range of the strongest weapon is slightly more wasteful.

・ Conversely, if you are withdrawn to the rear guard, there are few bonuses that are useful other than weapon attack power +300.

・ If you proceed with the premise that you want to operate the avant -garde if you are a full bride,

The first bonus is confirmed with almost range and moving force +2. Misuzu’s weakness

You can cover everything. The range 1 is a place where you want to give it to a sticking weapon.

・ The second is basically recommended for equipment slot +1.

If you really want to drip hot blood, there is also SP recovery.

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