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“” Sisters “1 episode development is fast, and a surprising development. . . ! ! ]

I think it’s the story of 3 sisters


In the big darkness of Korean society

The three sisters who enter and move forward

It’s like a story.


It’s interesting from episode 1, and the values ​​of money

Each of them is irresistible.

First of all, with a cake on rice’s birthday

Inju and Ingyeong to celebrate

“Happy Birthday “

Erase the candle

“Thank you” and rice

My mother came back there.

The two sisters on the rice

The money for school excursions that rice wants to go

Give it and apply.


“Yeah, thank you” rice

At that time, the mother gave the money

Take it up, “What does it mean?”

“Dad’s large amount of debt and rent

All living expenses

Even though the two are back

Do you go to Huylipin? Inju

“Rice goes to the best art school nationwide.

Passed on your own without borrowing anyone

Become a scholarship student “Ingyeong

“Did you enter in the special case of low -income groups?”

“I’m not a special case, I took the exam normally

I entered “

“I know” Ingyeong

Rice was crying

Anne Hyun (mother) is a young leaves of radish

Pickled kimchi and for school excursions

Run away money

Go to Furipine’s father


“From now on

I want to live as one person “

I left the memo and went out.

“In -gyeong, throw away kimchi” Inju

“Some people are not suitable for their mother

That’s the case with my mother. “

“Forget, I forgot” Ingyeong

“I gave up my school trip”

Inju sheds tears

“Not because it’s sad

It’s a tear of anger. “

“Rice can go on a school trip.

You can make money by weekends. “

In -gyeong

“Can you stop? From my mother’s words

It is unpleasant to be concerned by the two “

The eldest daughter’s Inju is “Occit Construction”

I was working as an accounting.

He is a junior college graduate, the house is poor, and it is divorced

It was bullied by three.

To prepare dog school excursion expenses

Requested the team leader to borrow a salary

It’s Inju, but for some reason

I refused.

(If I refuse, at least

“Why do you need 1.25 million won?”

I think I asked)

Come to a room with lots of run flowers

“Fayon Senpai, go out with you” Inju

“It’s the worst to hang with each other.

You are the 13th floor hub

I’m the 14th floor hub “Fayon

“On -sidium is sly and cruel

Cattleya is realistic

This child says “thief princess”

You’re a caretaker.

I’m poor now, but when the flowers bloom

Just a princess “Fayon

Fayon is the team chief

The story of borrowing

He said he was absolutely NG.

Fayon is happy to lend 1250,000 won

I promised to give me.

Fayon said, “The colleagues who came to my mother’s funeral.

You were alone.

Help me for two days until the coffin

gave. I will never forget the favor. “

Run flowers and “1022” numbers on the ankle


“What number?”

“Mother’s death day” Fayon

The tattooed flower is a “thief princess”

it might be?

The second daughter’s Ingyeong is

With the death of four family members, my stomach was empty

I cried when I talked as a reporter

It was warned by Wangyu, Social Manager.

“I’m sick, I sympathize too much” from Choi Mari

“Let me do it until I get calm” Wangyu

“Be careful” Ingyeong

Ingyeong has “mouse wash”


I was drinking like a gargle.

From my aunt’s hey Sok to Ingyeong

There is a phone call

“At 6:30 am on Saturday, we had breakfast at home.”

“I’m free Baa.

Inju to catch with the money you did

“I always try to manipulate people with money.

Which is better?

With a rich and mean parent

Incompetent but gentle parent “Ingyeong

“” Incompetent but gentle “?

The incompetent itself is bad “Inju

“I have a life with the aunt

It was really painful.

The rich and mean is bad “In Kyung

Inju is at the aunt

I’m saying I will endure

If Ingyeong is an older sister, for a day

He says he can’t stand it.

The youngest child was drawing someone’s picture.

Introducing Fayon to a luxury store

I can’t wear it when I tried to enter with two people

Inju where high heels are broken.

Get a sneaker from Fayon. . 。

“It looks cheap” Fayon

Fayon wears his jacket

Put it on Inju. .

I was wearing my shoes

Fayon who lends a nice high heel

Inju that rejoices, “It’s nice but easy”

Two people in a nice restaurant.

“How much is this?” Inju

“This, the best play is in the middle of playing” Fayon

“What would you like if your senior was rich?”


“In a good house with a window

I want to live with my sisters “Inju

“It’s important” Fayon

“Don’t worry about anything in such a house

I sleep soundly.

If you are worried about money, on the way


Anxiety is attacking.

“Where to procure” Inju

“De” Fayon

This store is accompanied by Shin Director only once

He came and worked overtime together.

“Even though everyone is rumored to be an affair woman

okay? Inju

“It’s the team chief who made the rumor.

I’m a hoax, but

Those three have a secret. “

Fayon does the work of “future accounting”

Sign here to do it.

All in English documents, where they were told


One is “the main applicant”

The other was the “personal account opening notification”.

I feel like this will come to something later. .

Say hello to “shoes the same” in the cosmetic room

There was a woman.

“Where did you get it?”

“It’s a thing” Inju

“Because there are only three pairs in Korea

I was worried about who bought it. “

“How are you?” Ingyeong

“How much do you need to talk about money?

You should have come to the innocence of money. “

“That’s right. I came to borrow money.

1.25 million won on the school excursion fee of rice “

Heisok promises to transfer, and even if he doesn’t return

It’s okay, come on the weekend for a month

I asked to read the newspaper.

When it sounds at the entrance, “Pinpo -n”

“It arrived by mistake,” said Ha Jongho

“Thank you. I was in Korea” Ingyeong

Oh, ho -sok is in Kyung to John Ho

To meet

I specified the time.

“Let’s eat rice next time” John Ho

Inju passes to rice as “school trip fee”

“It’s cool”

“Stop, don’t have a hard time for me.”

“Not so. Naturally for my sister …” Inju

“Do you receive yourself?”

“You may feel a burden.

But we enjoy a school trip

I want you to come. Receive “Inju

Don’t receive rice, promise

I went out saying that there was.

I went on someone’s passenger car

With a taxi

It was an Inju to chase.

on TV

“Spy in the National Army Security Command

Park was said to be.

Unfortunately for 19 years

In a retrial 30 years later

I cleared the false accusation.

And today is an unexpected visit

“Sorry I’m late.

You are tortured and spy

At the time

My wife’s father was the commander of the authorities.

I will am sorry to behave. “

For those who are apologetic

It was Park Jessan.

“It is very popular with viewers” Choi Mari

“There is no truth. In the Popoe Saving Bank case

I was a bank lawyer “Ingyeong

“To make that bank capital

Military government has made it convenient.

Even if a person lies, the money is honest. “

In -gyeong

“On the data, he wins the mayor’s election.

We also prepare “Mali

“You should verify your role in his trial.”

In -gyeong

“Try to follow each other” Social Manager Wangyu

My daughter’s mother said, “Please come again.”

I handed the envelope to the rice.

“I’ll have it”

Inju who saw the scene

“Good evening. I’m the older sister”

“I like the picture of the rice I saw.

I asked.

I want you to draw a picture with Hyooline.

The inside of the envelope is transportation expenses “

“I don’t misunderstand. Transportation expenses are fine.

Hyooline, come to play “Inju

“Do you receive the money of your friend’s parents?”

“I was happy. What I earned on my own

Is it no good? Rice

“No, I’m not begging

Food and old clothes

But if you get it, you will be told “begging”.

I don’t want to have the same eyes “Inju

Message from Fayon to Inju

If you are bullied during your stay in Europe

Attach a secret file on the 13th floor.

If you read this, laugh

You should be able to spend.


If my return is late

Feed for our fish.

address. . . .

When you’re watering the run

“Oh Inju?” Choi Doyle

“Chin Fayon is a European corporation

This is Choi Doyle who works. “

“Because there is a meeting, leave the room” Doyle

“7 o’clock in the morning?” Inju

Please let me know your phone number

Doyle handed his cell phone.

Doys and Jessan are together

Inju I saw.

“I read the trial record yesterday.

32 people have been charged with Popoe Savings Bank

Four of them commit suicide.

Of the large number of lawyers

Is it suspicious of all four people? Ingyeong

“There is no evidence” Wangyu

“Who sucked the four suicide?

It is summarized in the figure.

30,000 deposits 400 billion won has disappeared.

Of these, 1400 memories flowed in one place.

Four suicide can erase this flow. “

“Where is the money?” Wangyu

“Walryon Industrial Representative

Won Sang Woo

Won Gison’s son

Mrs. Park Jusan’s older brother “Ingyeong

“First, explore from 4 suicide. In a super express”

“If you have a rich father”

“If I had a rich father”

For poor young people

The Park Jessan Foundation

Become a father.

The founding of the Foundation is not for the advancement of politics

To give back.

Regardless of riding, the foundation will survive. “

Park Jessan

“About the Popoe Saving Bank case.

Four people in charge of defending are suicide


Comment on this matter “Ingyeong

“How about?

I was 13 lawyers who took the incident

I was one of us “Jessan

“13 lawyers were shared

The one who defended all the four people

You are the only one “Ingyeong

“Mouse wash” in the cosmetic room

Swallowed Ingyeong

“OBN O In Kyung reporter

That is the case four years ago.

Why suddenly mentions? Jessan

I became a reporter 4 years ago and around the police

Surprised by the number of people who commit suicide

Many of them are pose savings banks

He was a commoner who saved to get interest

In Kyung says.

“It’s impressive. Is that tears?” Jessan

While eating with Doyle in the cafeteria of the company

“I’ll tell you once.

I am a graduate of junior college accounting department

It’s divorced, “said Inju

“And” 13th floor hub “” Doyle

“Inju, I can’t get in touch with her.”

“I should have returned to Japan” Doyle

Inju contacts Fayon

I didn’t communicate.

Look at the address written in the posture

To Fayon’s home. . 。

“O -Ingyeong, check alcohol”

“What happened”

“It’s a topic on the net.

“O -jijin drinking press conference”

“Is that tears? The breathing is strange.

It seems to smell.

Did you drink alcohol? Jessan

“Is it true?” Wangyu

Gargle with mouse wash

The content was tequila.

There are a lot of bottles in the desk


Entering the house of Fayon

Feed the fish you promised

Red high heels in the room in the back

The 카지노 appearance of Fayon who wore it and committed suicide

Inju found

Too sudden death

I was shocked. . Cried

Inju can be heard by everyone

“4 years ago, when I joined the company

It was Fayon Senior who taught me the job

It was just.

If you try to thank you

“You can be hubbed”

The team leader and seniors hub

Because your senior had an affair? “

The secrets of the team chief examined by Senior Fayon

A rose Inju.

“Inju -san, are you sure?

Stop making the story “” Team leader

“What made me talk about an affair

I was jealous of an excellent senior

So? Inju

“Casino Hotel and Singapore

Nao “Team Chief

“There was an international run exhibition in Singapore.

The chairman is the run of the gold medal

It was desired.

Fayon is familiar with runs. “

Said Shin and said.

“Inju Come” Shin Director

“It would have been a shock … She died.”

“Yes Director” Inju

“I am too. That thief woman is behind

I stealed money for 15 years

I did not know”

“700 memories from the European corporation account

Missed “Doyle

“It’s impossible. A person like a senior


And 70 billion has disappeared

I don’t notice “Inge

“It was a honey plan.

How to grasp the damage amount? I haven’t done it yet.

Because this is a back money

You need to check before reporting “Doyle

“All, talk.

In any case, police investigations are entered. “

“To help you search for back money?

excuse me. I refuse.

Actually, I was going to quit the company today.

Inju who had a “retirement application”

In the will

“How far is the bottom human?

Will it go up


If you endure another week

I was shown “

I guess there was something

On the other hand, the second daughter’s Ingyeong is

Alcohol addiction is out

It was a month of suspension.

And one day

“Is it O Inju?”

“Jays, yoga.

From Chin Fayon

Membership has been transferred. “

Immediately, when I went to Jays and yoga

There is an individual locker that can be used until December 31st

Wear and towels are inside.

The locker has a big Zack

That nice high heel

It was in.

There is also a letter from Fayon

“Thank you so far

You were kind

In a room with a good window

Live with your sisters. “

A lot of Zack

I have money

Inju is too surprised

The voice didn’t come out

Here is one episode

Fayon’s death is also full of mysteries

Inju, who always struggled with money

Why don’t you get money

Do you go?

Something is behind the incident 4 years ago

It seems to be in -Kyung’s alcohol

The fact that the addiction was bald

The video was taken by Mari

It will be something. . ?

Behind Jessan’s good action

The ridiculous horror

It seems to be lurking. .

It is better not to go deep in Ingyeong. .

I’m worried

Kim Gown’s acting ability

It is outstanding

Nam Ji Hyun’s acting ability

As a reporter, it feels very good

I was good since the childhood era

I’m looking forward to the performance of adults

With Kang Hun, the role of John Ho

It feels good. .

It’s better to have a love ~~

Kim Misuk’s performance after a long time

It’s great to see

Nihon Blog Village



good evening

It is a public queen.

It’s called Huis Ten Bosch.

I put on the fate of Nagasaki

Like a theme park

There is a facility,

“Nagasaki Dutch Village” which is already closed

It’s like a source

There are twists and turns in the business form,

Now I am a HIS umbrella.

Recently, management has been stable,

The business itself is fine

It was a story,

Due to Corona’s evil

The management of HIS in the mother’s body worsened,

He seems to be considering selling.

I stayed in the facility,

I want to go once

I thought,

I still can’t go.

The destination is a company in Hong Kong,

As you can see in Hong Kong

Because it was integrated with China.

I hope this sale will come out,

What puts the fate of Nagasaki

To go to China

I have to judge quite carefully

Later will be in danger.

I have personal information to Chinese companies

It’s better to be pulled out

I feel scared, so

If you go to China

You may not even want to go.

It seems that Nagasaki is also considering attracting IR,

If Mayor Nagasaki is fine

It looks like you’re saying

The casino is also Chinese

I wonder if I’m going to call it.

The government is also in national defense

Foreign smell and Japanese premises

Not available

I have to do legal maintenance

China is a water source in Japan

There was also a story about buying up,

Isn’t it dangerous?

Japan is getting worse and poorer

Furthermore, with the weaker yen

From China

For cheap shopping

It may be.

Actually, China is in the midst of the collapse of the bubble

I heard that the Bank of China is 타이산게임 also difficult,

The economy is managed by the country there, so

The fact that the sequelae lasts as long as in Japan

I think it is not.

It may be a problem in Nagasaki,

But this seems to be a national issue.

Sakurajima in Kagoshima Prefecture in the same Kyushu

Please erupt.

The alert level was raised to 5.

From Kagoshima city more than 20 years ago

I’ve traveled to Sakurajima by ferry,

It’s Sakurajima where the eruption is commonplace.

Because it is level 5 in Sakurajima,

It will be expected that a fairly large eruption will be expected in the future.

It’s a hot and difficult time,

Those who are evacuated are very careful

I want you to evacuate while ensuring safety.

May the eruption of Sakurajima fit

I pray.


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