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Was this really so bad?

He is back! Director Choi Dong -hoon is back! Director Lee Chang -dong released , and Bong Joon -ho made a parasite, and Hong Sang -soo released his film’s film, and Park Chan -wook made a new decision. The title is . Superstars in Chungmuro ​​in Korea appear as the main characters. Kim Tae -ri, Ryu Jun -yeol, Kim Woo -bin! The two actors and Ryu Jun -yeol, who were well -received in Twenty, Twenty, and our Blues, are the main characters. The director is Choi Dong -hoon, but three actors who believe and see appeared. I can’t fail this?

But Young is cool. There are a lot of bad stories from the premiere and the audience. As evidenced by this, the audience is less than 2 million. There are 7 million breaks, but the number of audiences exceeded 1 million. In addition, next week, from the appearance of Hansan: Dragon to Jordan Phil’s , there is one expectation of each state, so you need to pop it here to collect more audiences. But the frustrating success is a pity. I am a little disappointed by this movie. However, I think this is the case that you have cut off a good start of the summer Korean film masterpiece. The new work that many people was concerned and expected is now in the theater. It flies to Korea in 1380 and Korea in 2022. It is .

Story from two points of view

Guard is working. What the guard is doing is to catch and capture the jailbreak aliens. The guard returned to some time of the Goryeo Dynasty. When you arrive, a woman’s body is rich. She seems to have already passed away. She tries to go back to where she has already lived behind a dead woman. But Thunder stops the guard. Thunder is crying over there. Easily beat the bad ships trying to harm the child and go back to the present.

Currently. The child seems difficult to adapt at school. A guard wearing a neat suit and sitting in the principal’s office like his father. It seems that her daughter reported her father to the police. It seems to have exposed the brain and used as an experimental object. It’s an absurd story, but there’s no embarrassment on the face. Is it a robot? In casual, I order Thunder to delete the video and try to return home. Someone speaks to such a guard. Probably the same parent type. Anyone who looks interested in the guard is a woman. She has something to do again, so she ignores her and rides her car. I arrived at the hospital by Thunder. And something terrible happened. It seems that alien planets are planning to invade and infiltrate the human body. Alien who slowly takes all humans to work. By the way, a variable that the guard never thought happened.

The point of view returns to the past. Dosa Muduk is spending a free daily life in the local tent. It’s not just quietly lived. He shows his desire to be recognized in front of people. Mujuk is a bounty hunter. One day he sees a weapon of a woman and a new sword with quite a bounty. Eh? Do you do this? I go to the dog shit and ask about the new sword. The new sword was located by the Hyun -Gam Dosa in Kaesong and arrives at the capital to find it. He found a man wearing a 21st century suit in the house of Hyun -gam. What is that guy? The man quickly murders the phenomenon and finds a new sword. The group is surprised because it is a phenomenon that is not difficult. Muduk leaves the adventure to find a new sword. The more he continues, the more he faces a strange reality.

Come back in seven years

Director Choi Dong -hoon returned to his new work in seven years. Choi Dong -hoon is a sad director to make a fun movie. From Tazza> to , it is sad to set characters and make suspense. There are also a lot of memes made under this director’s hand. It is the best way to say sexy ambassadors, from long ago, ‘I’m a woman who came out’ and ‘Kublo!’ It also made a good conflict between characters. In , the conflicts centered on Macau Park or the pro -Japanese narrative from the Assassination are interesting. The pro -Japanese narrative is like Anseong Tangmyeon. In fact, it’s a story that came out too much. But if you are a Korean person, it is cool and cool because you have been angry with the brutality of Japanese imperialism. Nevertheless, the reason why this film remains in our memory is, of course, isn’t it because of the director’s ability? The fact that Yeom Seok -jin’s character is clearly remembered is that he describes the inner man, humanly, not the description of this character. It is synergistic with ‘I didn’t know it would be!’

In addition, Choi Dong -hoon’s feature is to extract other aspects of existing actors. He was hitting the upper limit until actor Lee Jung -jae appeared in the assassination. In , he played a foster army, and the evil characters were well -handled, and in the Thieves, he described the role of a bad guy. However, I thought that Lee Jung -jae’s (until the time) was the best character of Yeom Seok -jin. As I wrote earlier, the pro -Japanese narrative is a taste that I know. The taste is cool, but the typical feeling is hard to deny. However, it was the personal competence of director Choi Dong -hoon who added a particularly evil character to Lee Jung -jae’s applause by breaking through 10 million audiences. In a similar context, I remember giving Kim Soo -hyun, who was just right before the rising star, gave a sexy and pure image. In addition, Jeon Woo -chi, who is in charge of actor Kang Dong -won in Jeon Woo -chi, is also difficult to digest unless he is an actor. Once you have handsome and acting should be fine, you have been able to take care of the meticulous settings.

And this director has a fundamental. What do you mean? He thought that the basics were strong. Let’s make a good story. Is it a good hit? It means making a good story. The average audience of 8.1 million people prove. The best strength in making this story is very well revealed in The Reconstruction of Crime. There is no anything, but it is sucked only by the story and lines. Choi Dong -hoon makes a good story without thinking. It is his filmography that can be recommended mostly for those who want to be a virtuous movie. I think there were three advantages in this alien+person.

Faint seal

You can also check his strengths in the movie. First of all, it is a character setting. The three actors of Jo Woo -jin, Yeom Jung -a, and Kim Ui -sung are great. These three actors are actors who have been proven in Chungmuro. But in my memory, these actors have never been a typical supporting role. Do you feel like you’ve seen in Busan? In this film, the characters of the three actors seemed to have the advantage of being unique and vivid despite the certain amount of obvious. In particular, Jo Woo -jin and Yeom Jung -ah are consistently shining. Something is appropriately appearing in each part of the loose part to ventilate the atmosphere. It is no exaggeration to say that it will be described later, but it does not stick to the tone of the two individuals. In addition, there is a penalty in the weightlifting acting acting by Kim Eui -sung, but it shows a good acting to overcome it. Another role, the role of So Ji -seop’s actor is also a little awkward, so it is an important key to solving the middle half. I didn’t think you had a good role in this role, but it’s so good that it feels fresh? Even if he was not Cho Yeon-jin, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, and Kim Woo-bin showed their unique performance. How good are the actors! These three actors are memorable from the point of view of the character of the character, not the dimension of the character. In particular, Kim Woo -bin acted really hard.

However, the advantage of this character setting has been turned around and has been a disadvantage. It is Thunder Station. Thunder appears only as a voice dubbing. This voice dubbing was better. The actor seems to have been in a neutral tone, but it didn’t match the machine and the acting directing was awkward. It’s fortunate to end up with directing, which breaks the cohesion of modern narratives alternately presented in the play. To be contrasted, the dismantling of a well -focused concentration in the narrative of the Goryeo Dynasty is an obstacle to increasing the approach barrier of the film. This disadvantage is that humor is not fun. Humor in modern times is not fun and is distracted by the tone of thunder’s voice. It is deadly that the elements of this modern film do not suit each other. Even though, I even add a disagreement to the action scene that can be divided.

The story is also well composed. There are many genres of this film. This film is a thriller, mystery, sci -fi, dark fantasy, space opera, action, romance and drama. But as you can see after watching the movie, it looks like that, so I think the film is simple. It is a mystery film wearing a SF mask. Although there are secondary comedy elements or romance code, the driving force behind the play is a mystery. The force that pushes with this mystery is good. For this reason, even though there are many shortcomings, it is not difficult to understand the play. The director’s annual output has been demonstrated.

However, this is also expressed as a disadvantage. There are too many rice cakes in the story. MCU movies we like generally have a lot of rice cakes about other works. The films that suddenly come to mind while writing are Captain America: Civil War and Falcon and Winter Soldier. The original Marvel Comics has an organization called Thunderbolt. Sometimes it is an organization that becomes a Billan and a hero. Organizing this team is a helmet hair removal. Elajo constantly threw the Thunderboltz rice cake. And this rice cake is realized. In the future, the MCU can watch a movie about Thunder Bolts. This MCU also throws rice cakes slowly. In the Civil War, the second half of the reversal element is constantly presented in other films of MCUs. The film, however, struck out two hours for the purpose of the narrative of the main characters, the use of the new sword, and the purpose of aliens. These beaten rice cakes are replaced in the middle and second half, but I can’t erase the feeling that the movie is in a hurry. The play is too friendly to digest all of this rice cake. The ambassador of ‘1%and 2%’ is like an ambassador in almost four years. Intention was visible. This is because it is necessary to show this specifically in the confrontation with the second part of the black membrane. The advantages were clear and the disadvantages were clear. Of course, this method and quality can only be made. But I was so in a hurry and I thought it might have been trying to approach the story that Marvel slowly stacked. This disadvantage is that it adds one more disadvantage to match with the ‘metabolism tone played separately’. Even the childish lines are even with the disadvantage of being in the best options. Obviously the story is fun. I made it well. But bad things float in my head.

So, since these disadvantages are gathered, the film itself is used for part 2. Why is the movie childish? Because you have to explain this worldview. Why did you add comedy elements? You need to target the popular code so you can digest the story of Part 2. Why are you so many rice cakes? I am confident. I understand it. However, it is strong that the direction of this drama has been presented for the completion of the second part, so I don’t know if this expression is right. The movie was fun. But there are so many unfortunate things. It’s a lot of money. The CG is good and the pleasure is good for the story of the story. But is this really the best? There is a regret.


Anyway, my film review was ‘fun’. It is not very good, nor did it make it. I think it’s a good work in action/SF movies. At this point, I think I cut off four summer starts. Nevertheless, the criticism of this film is not understood. Obviously, the disadvantage is correct. Attributable to this person is critical. Even in such a bad review, the film is worth seeing in the theater. Even though it is not finished delicately, I think that there is a reflection on the shortcomings, and I think it is a film that shows the advantages of the director.

The evaluation of , which will be released next Wednesday (July 27), is not unusual. Public opinion is that a good movie that complemented the criticisms raised in Myeongyang came out. This film is unlikely to be so popular because of the scared of the background of and 더존카지노 or not, it’s a good movie.

Grab the bangs of the lucky goddess!

Grab the bangs of the lucky goddess!

Have you ever heard this phrase?

I heard this phrase for the first time during a meeting with a municipal IR (integrated resort) department.

When asked about the possibility of attracting IR from here, a man who seems to be the leader of the department, “It depends on the governor’s decision whether to attract IR, but I would like to prepare for the site in advance. There is. “The lucky goddess has only bangs.” ]

It has been conveyed that it is important to prepare so as not to miss a limited chance, but at the same time, I think of a shiny and long bangs with a shiny bangs, and “Don’t say interesting things.” I thought.

Apparently, the phrase seemed to be a man’s favorite, and then appeared in a couple of conversations.

Each time, “the goddess who flipped only with bangs with a vine” in my head (laughs)

When I looked it up later, it was a proverb that had the meaning as I imagined.

(from Kotobank)

Certainly, the fact that “chance is important in an instant” is also convincing from your own experience.

For example, the following scenes.

● In a casual conversation in the previous workplace

Boss of the workplace: “Which is better,” going abroad immediately in the game (digital entertainment) business or involved in the casino (gaming) business in Japan? ]

I: “It’s a casino business. ] And immediately answer.

⇒ As a result, shortly after moving to the casino business, I decided to go to the Sydney base I wanted to go to.

● In the final interview of job change

Executives “There are various jobs related to overseas. For example, 1. 2. 인터넷바카라 Re -establish Australia. 2. Management of the Philippines factory. Cooperation business with overseas bases in Japan. ]

I: “I would like to go in Australia from tomorrow! ] And immediately answer.

⇒ As a result, adoption was decided on the premise of working Australia. (To the second Sydney assignment)

● And last year, at the current workplace

Manager from the headquarters: “Unfortunately, the scale down of the Japanese office has been decided next year. I think the number of staff will be considerably reduced, but will it still remain? ]

I: “High, I want to work here until the last moment. I still believe there is a possibility in Japan. ]

⇒ As a result, I was alone in the Japanese office, and I was able to continue the work I wanted to do.

“Instant decision (selection)” is very difficult.

If you have “good things” and “bad things”, you won’t get lost, but most of them have to choose one of “both look good”.

The moment I answered, “I will take it home” or “Please let me think a little”, the treasure sword of the Japanese salaried worker, I feel like I will miss that chance.

So, what I am conscious of is to always think about what is most important, what I like most, and what I’m excited about.

Then, surprisingly, the body moves instantly in a more important scene than you think.

By the way, “the goddess of luck has only bangs” is like “Grasp Fortune by the Forelock.”

The bangs are called Forelock. I’m glad to know the new English words.

Always think about being excited, and get the bangs (chance) of the lucky goddess! !

Bonus: Image in my head (quality exemption)

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