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“What is the rainy season? ]

hello! I’m Mr. M of Super Jumbo


Where is the rainy season? The weather continues, how are you guys? I am fine! It is Mr. M!

It seems that there were only a few days on the day of the rain, but it seems that the Kinki region will be in the end of the rainy season as early as late June.

Sudden temperature rise will directly attack your physical condition, so please be careful and hydrate frequently.

On a hot day, you should come to a pachinko parlor with air conditioning (guess voice)


Super jumbo is trying to be at the right 코인카지노 temperature! If the temperature inside the store is hot! Cold! If you have any opinions, please contact the staff >

We will respond as much as possible!

Then here

Super jumbo

Sunday, June 26

Opening 10:00 in the morning

After replacing the new stand

First, week, end!

Other installation model details

Check out the official website! !

We look forward to your visit ♪

* Entrance in the morning can be entered in order.


Not other than the delusion planning content is a content that shows the lightness of unbearable planning based on ‘delusion’.

Armed with reason or logic, left -brain readers start to read after disarmed or for mental health

It is recommended to leave by pressing back.

If the machine is the fastest replacement of humans, it is probably ‘payment’ in offline such as restaurants.

will be. In terms of experience, about one third of the visiting stores seem to be using unmanned payment machines.

Detailed payment methods and device designs are slightly different, but the majority of unmanned payment experience is almost the same.

It is a very dry experience that selects the menu, selects a payment method, usually puts cards, and pays.

Why are you introducing unmanned payment machines even though there are significant criticisms, such as controversial controversy over the elderly?

First, cost savings are also the most not saving of labor costs.

Second, communication costs are reduced. Although not direct and financial costs, order menu errors or payment amount

Can occur in communication with customers such as errors

From the standpoint of the store owner, it is initial to introduce an unmanned payment machine, but it is not going to be a business one or two days.

The advantages that are directly related to the savings are obviously difficult to reject.

However, for users, sometimes I feel uncomfortable and I think I’m part of the machine while paying.

It is also true that it gives boredom

The previous unmanned payment machine related to the unmanned payment machine is focused on the inconvenience of it.

I decided to see.

Is there any way to add fun to the boring unmanned payment experience?

First of all, I observed other people making unmanned payments.

In order to observe properly, I hit a framework called ‘Unmanned Payment’ in my head.

In other words, the stereotypes or basic premises that they have in my head that they are acting as unmanned payment

I was born and was born and looked at the eyes of the child who first saw the unmanned payment and described it like a novel.

In front of the elongated screen, one person stands and wants to be over the screen with one hand.

it started. Meanwhile, the person’s face seemed to be worried about a couple of times.

After a while, the person took out the card from his wallet and plug it in the bottom of the screen.

He took a small white paper and took it off and sat down in an empty seat.

After repeating the series of processes a few times, people do not pay in front of the elongated display.

The delusions they are starting to come to mind. The slot machine I saw in Gangwon Land was overlapped.

Yes. That’s right to say that slot machine in casino or Japanese Pachinko.

Nowadays, a lot of gambling, including slot machines, is more convenient and more colorful.

Now this traditional? The phosphorus slot machine will be available only in a movie set in the 8-90s.

The same was true when the unmanned calculation was made at a large mart near the house. Nowadays, in a large mart, you can take a barcode and make an unmanned payment at the unmanned cashier that looks like an image next to it. The barcode reader used at this time is like a laser gun.

There’s a trigger?

There is a red beam

Looking at a few steps away, it seemed no different from playing a shooting game in the game room.

Just the target is very close and the targets

It’s not a monster, but a barcode ….


I decided to add affirmation and rebirth with a plausible plan.

Aesthetics like zombies on the screen? If you hit the barcodes and register the purchased product, and the accuracy rate is high,

Wouldn’t it be fun than now?

Delusion Scenario 1 l Men’s households in their mid 30s

A large mart near the house that seems to be visited once every three days. There are only up to two existing manned checkouts, so

Lilva uses 10 unmanned counterparts.

There is no need to wait and sometimes you do not have questions about the calculation amount. 1 week of 3-4 households

This is especially true for single -person households like me, not to see the chapter. There is little more than 10 items at a time.

In recent years, there are also interesting shooting games events, so I have been registering as a member.

If you register all the purchases as a barcode reader, you will see if you will respond to the Discount game.

If you accept it, zombies or monsters begin to appear on the screen attached to the wall behind the unmanned calculator.

Among the products I purchased, the discounts that can be discounted are zombie shoes and monsters.

In other words, the barcode reader in my hand or the barcode gun must be hit with all the barcodes wearing the monster’s mask.

You can receive it. My girlfriend is also watching next to it.

The reserve forces have been over, but the heart is back to the nouns. In fact, the senses must come back a little.

If you record the accuracy of less than 20%, it is not a discount but a premium. At this point, it’s almost gambling a ..

It takes about 10 targets, usually between 30 and 50 seconds. This time, I received a total of 20%discount with a 80%hit rate with my girlfriend buff.

Originally, the payment amount was 7,000 won out of 35,000 won. Discounts are also discounts, but even the same discount can be so proud.

There is no. It is incomparable to when you hit Paris drawn in the urinals of the men’s toilet.

Delusion Scenario 2 l 20s women in their 20s

Leaf Tteok store went to meet with friends. Unmanned payment kiosk that welcomes you

In the menu that selects the menu and selects toppings in the option, ‘Topping and playing the game?’ A pop -up message called

Tteokbokki essential toppings and sari stimulates the desire to win with my appetite.

It’s an opportunity to get 3 toppings for up to 2,000 won for free, so 인터넷바카라 we can’t eat it right away.

It was cool to the provocation of the only engineer unmanned payment machine.

Instead, I proceed with one hand on an electric shock machine.

The games are not selected by the participants, and the game is randomly presented in some games.

Most of them are games that have a game in a short time, and we have a quiz.

These days, the character quizzes in the entertainment business trips were almost the same.

If it’s wrong, I had to see the exhilarating electricity before the spicy taste of Tteokbokki, so in my head with my heart that’s chewy.

Obviously, the name I knew was also a mysterious experience in the mouth.

The result was as well as the exhilarating pain of the 1 -party sari and the 2 electric shock.

The boss’s Physical has a fixed game time, but nowadays, this toppings can be played on purpose.

The number of customers looking for a store in time is quite increasing.

It was a pretty useful delusion in that it could give guests with a pleasant impression and experience in offline stores.

Among the restaurants, I know that there are quite a lot of promotions that provoked food fighters from all over the country.

It is difficult to provide a pleasant experience to many because it is difficult to participate unless it is a food fighter talent.

Unmanned payment games with this topping & discounts can maximize the total amount of pleasure because almost all customers can participate.

Can! Or not. Rebuttal is right

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