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When you want to give up your dreams

Alchemist is a trip to Santiago Santiago to find self. Santiago was satisfied with his life. One day he repeats his dreams. It is said that it is a dream of getting a treasure because of the Gypsy old woman who is good at interpretation. Instead, you have to travel to the pyramid. Santiago is a gypsy fraudster and is not insignificant. However, any elderly man who met by chance in the square wants to find a treasure. Santiago tries to ignore this old man, but it turns out that he was the king of a village. The old king tells us how to find a treasure for Santiago to save the myth of self. The method is to follow the cover. All all things in the world are cover, and you need to read the cover to find treasures. So Santiago finds out that all things in the world are talking in one language for themselves trying to achieve the myth of self, and they adventure towards the treasure until the end.

“He knew. Now that I am waiting for him, the only trial to test the persistence and courage of the person who pursues the myth of the self. That’s why he could not rush or be nervous. If so, I could not see the signs that God had prepared in front of him. ”

When I first went to a casino, I sometimes earned money. The old king is called “luck of beginners.” This bizarre luck makes people challenge new things and finds the myth of self. But before fulfilling the myth of self, the regular of all things wants to test everything he has learned in his journey. It is not because of malice. The teaching you learned is also to conquer. This is the moment that makes many people give up their dreams. This moment makes me think that the luck given to me is now over. The myth of the self is over because it cannot pass the ‘harsh test’ after ‘Lucky of the beginner’.

Santiago, on the other hand, did not forget the importance of the cover from the old king. I knew that all things in the world were trying to 카지노사이트 tell us in any way. The means may be something or a meeting with someone. Someone gains enlightenment through trees, and someone is enlightened by those who meet on the trip. There are directions left everywhere so that we can go toward the myth of self. Santiago knew this as a rite of passage that had to be given any adversity, and did not put the cover to the end. The shadow of death is in front of it. As a result, Santiago becomes an alchemist who fulfills all of his self.

Like Santiago’s trip, many signs are on the direction of our lives. He only gives up his dream because of the “harsh test” and fear of failure. If the price is afraid of the challenge, I can’t get the treasure of my life. We need the courage to overcome fear and find your own treasure. This is because life is so merciful to those who want to pursue the myth of self. Perhaps it is because the cover of life toward a dream is not covered by fear. Maybe it’s alchemy that you need to learn. It is time to learn real alchemy, not to change lead to gold through .

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