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Yuker Sugawara has achieved 100 games in AZ. Until the young warrior who lost his turn in Japan became a “immovable existence” in the Netherlands. “How many steps did you step up!?” [Departure] (Soccer Digest Web)

“I’m a professional and doesn’t work at all.”

Both DF Yuko Sugawara (101 games) and Dani Devit (102 games), who have achieved 100 official games in AZ, received awards before the Kick -off of the Fitesse match on April 2. 。 In the match, AZ won 3-1, raising one ranking, ranking fourth. Sugawara, who started as a right wing, concluded the game 바카라카지노 as a right side back in the end, contributing to the team’s victory. [Photo] Japan is the same as Spain and Germany! Introducing a carefully selected shot of the Qatar World Cup lottery where Kaka and Pillo have gathered legends! “There were some difficult times today, but I think there was a relatively bad soccer,” said Sugawara. I called out. “In three seasons, I’m 21 years old, and it’s amazing to be 100 games in one club. I’m honored to be able to play 100 games in an overseas club. Az is like picking me up. I’m grateful. “Sugawara said deeply. He made his J -League debut as a member of Nagoya Grampus when he was 17 years old. The appearance of young SBs was greatly treated in the media, and his first three games started with two wins and one draw (two of the two clean seats), but after that, with the sluggish team, the opportunity to participate in the J -League. I lost. “I always played while feeling the wall. When I saw the results of the team, I was doing about 8 consecutive losses (1 draw 9 losses). I played while feeling” I’m a professional at all. ” I was. I lost my opportunity to participate due to my lack of skills, and the team gained new players, so I was able to show the rigor of professionals in the first year of professional. ” Only a cup. Sugawara, who had a sense of crisis, saying, “I will not grow up in the game,” said the U -20 World Cup in Poland in 2019 with the enthusiasm of “putting everything in life.” “I broke through the qualifying in the U -19 Asian Cup (Japan is the best 4) and decided to participate in the World Cup. I thought,” I have to change my world there. ” Isn’t it a time to buy a 20 -year -old player? And because the tournament was in Poland, I knew that a lot of European scouts would come. At the expense of various things, the U -20 World Cup. I played all of my life. I played the first time that Japan would win, but I lost due to my mistake (Japan is the best 16). It was not allowed. However, I think it was possible to change it to the subsequent energy. ” However, he recalls, “I didn’t think about individuals at all.” “It’s a younger generation tournament, but I’m fighting on behalf of Japan, so I thought first to win as a team. In that, my strengths become Japanese weapons and bring plus alpha. I was thinking about that! ”

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