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“2022.8.15 Side 2”

thank you for your hard work


Good weather

I got a new one today

I got on for the first time in about a month

While running for 카지노사이트 a while

Somehow the sensation has returned





Prepare the camera for the first time in a long time

Driving shooting

Ah, not this

On the way, my car was unusual

If you think about it in various ways




By the way, dinner …

No way

Because there is the rest of the lunch (laughs)

The stomach is filled while being wrapped in smoke

The next day, I have a return home from the morning

Everyone who got together today




The new Coronavirus pandemic seems to have changed the US shopping mall management considerably. And the bold decisions of each company are likely to be fruitful in the form of an increase in the number of visitors., a human -style data and location information analysis platform, recently published the latest reports on US shopping malls. The Placeer analyzed the number of visitors in nine shopping malls and data on the stay time that opened innovative facilities in the past year, said, “Shopping malls facing many issues are short -term. I learned how to reform myself. ” Here are some of the successes listed in the report.・ American Ninja Warriors / Main Place Mall (Santaanana, California) TV, an indoor adventure park that can challenge obstacles of American Ninja Warriors as the participants of the popular sports entertainment program・ Warriors opened in July this year. According to Placeer data, the number of monthly visits has increased by 18%compared to the same month in 2019, before 타이산게임 pandemic.・ Hollywood Casino / York Galleria Mall (York, Pennsylvania) The area of ​​about 7430 square meters in which the store of a major retailer Sears had moved in was equipped with 500 slots and 24 tables in the game table last August. Hollywood casino opened. Compared to before the pandemic, the mall continues to decline, but the number of visitors to the month of the casino has opened 31.4%compared to the 2018 month, and the number of customers has been performing well. -Itarian / Westfield Valley Fair (Santa Clara, California) This is the first store in Northern California in June, where you can eat, learn and buy ingredients at one store Opened in the facility.

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