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No-Time Two Dai: Craig-Bond and Hercules’s Parallel World

*It can be a spoiler for the bond series, so if you do not want the spoiler, please press back.

The 007 series film was first released in 1962. It’s already been running for 59 years, so it’s rare to be a series of series. Iconic barrel shot techniques (barrel sequences), opening sequences comparable to short animation quality, topics that are the topic every time they are released, and main theme background music that everyone knows. James Bond now has become an icon.

And now another bond ends. In 2006, Daniel Craig, who first bonded with Casino Royale, now announced the last through 2021’s No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig’s bond has always been a little different. Unlike the traditional bonds, which are like England’s elite gentlemen, his bond was a bit harder. Some people commented that white collar bonds were blue collar (Blue Color-Production, Service Workers, Horses derived from Blue Works clothes/White Color-office work, white shirts).

Ancient Greek hero Hercules, who comes down with a more macho -like feeling than an elite aspect. Hercules is a symbol of heroes and has been a god of gods, so it is a parable that goes well with James Bond, which will be the legend of the film company. It is also that the intelligence is hidden by its overwhelming force. But Craig-Bond and Hercules have something in common.

Franz Overhauser/Ernst Blopod. The character appeared as a brush brother of Bond, and eventually reappears as a villain that interferes with him. Bond relied enough to call his father’s father, Hans Overhauser, the second father, and Hans also raised his own son Franz Overhausers (Blopfeld) and James as the same son and wanted Blopfeld to see James as his brother. Here, the first simple common point of Craig-Bond and Hercules appears. It is the presence of a father who is not mixed with blood, and the presence of a brush/biporometer. Hercules does not have a myth that Hercules has been against his brush brothers, but it is also a situation that is easy to disagree, so there is room for various imagination.

Zeus intentionally made Hercules in accordance with the prophecy that human power will be needed for the war of the gods and the victory of Tomakia. To this end, Zeus chose his great -granddaughter, Alkene, who would be the mother of the hero, and according to his fate, Hercules is more than half of God’s blood and is a hero more than God. In other words, he is the same as the final weapon of Olympos. The setting value of Hercules, described as a stronger stronger than other heroes, is very similar to the most agent, James Bond, among the agents who have been given a 00 number from the MI6. This will be the second commonality of the two. The Gigas races and the Olympoce I created fiercely war, and the Zeus and the Olympos, who created Hercules, borrowed his strength in accordance with the prophecy of human power.)

It is also similar to the natural ‘brutality’. Hercules has killed a teacher who has been verbally because he could not overcome the nature, and because of this, his father’s father, Am Pit Leon and his pro -mother Alkene, were worried about him. It was a kind of exile. Craig-Bond is also a simple disciplinary action to make unnecessary killings at the beginning, or to take pictures of the scene every time, and to be self-disciplined. In fact, these factors are obvious crimes and disadvantages when we look at the modern people’s perspective and common sense. However, Hercules and Bond’s appearance is rather heroic, and it will be a bit soft, but it doesn’t disappear or fix.

Hercules and Craig-Bond in common can be found in relationships with many women. Both of them met a lot of women, and the wife who was formally greeted when he was a human being, the only two women who really loved them, the first wife/the first lover’s death. It was painful. Hercules kills his first wife, Megara, with his own hands, in light by Hera’s curse. The suffering also pushed him into the 12th task. He is guilty of his last twilight, Cerberus, until he captures Cerberus. Bond also couldn’t save Vesper Lind, who sincerely loved, and witnessed her suicide in front of her. The guilt and revenge continues to wield him until the beginning of No -Time to Dai, where Craig leaves the series.

Interestingly, there is a god named Vesper in Greek/Roman mythology. He is a god that symbolizes the evening star, the night Venus. Unlike the twin god Lucifer at dawn, he brings darkness. Considering that Bond had to wander in guilt after her death, it is quite meaningful. In addition, her adult Lindd has a view that the etymology is in Linden Tree (Lynd is an interpretation of Lives by the Linden Tree), but Linden Tree of Greek Roman mythology symbolizes Aphrodite/Venus and symbolizes faithfulness. it means. The fact that Venus is often likened to Venus is also interesting. Of course, it is not clear that the artist would have intended to contain all this meaning in her name, but Vesper eventually became a significant symbol of the name itself. Craig-Bond is also supported that he has been influenced by Greek mythology. In addition, Megara’s name means the interior of the temple, the palace of the temple. Hercules destroys his temple, which was a restless house by killing Megara, and throws it into the 12 task. And Bond is in earnest in the night when the star is gone into the darkness, that is, the world of guilt.

In addition, Hercules has a view of a parallel world with Jesus (born between God and humans, the power he received from his father, the history of reviving the dead, entering heaven/new world after death, 12 disciples and 12 tasks, etc. )*, This is melted in the name of Madeleine Swan. Madeleine’s name can be seen from Maria Magdalena. Maria Magdalena is a disciple of Jesus and Christian adults, who witnessed 크레이지슬롯 her death and resurrection, and spread the story, and there are views that regard her as her lover. Madeleine, who witnessed Bond’s death and conveyed his heroes for a long time, has a significant similarity to Magdalena. In addition, Magdalena means surname and tower in Aramaic, which also shows the similarity to the name of Mega La, which meant temples and palaces. Madeleine’s adults, or swans, symbolize the faith and love between couples, like Vesper’s adult Lind, and are symbols of Aphrodite/Venus.

The destiny of two people who have to go through various hardships, the ability to deal with the bow/guns, as long as the bare -handed fighting, and the fact that they are tied up with any woman (s) every time they suffer, sometimes handsome. It also uses the system to complete the task … Hercules and Bond are still full of cold. But too, the most important thing that must be seen, and perhaps the most significant commonality will be the end of the two.

Hercules shoots Kentaurus Nesus, who kidnapped his second wife, Day Anera. At this time, Hercules’ bow was buried with poison of hydra, which he had done on the other hand, so Nesus dies and dies. Nesus whispers one lie to Dianira for revenge. Later, her husband’s heart seemed to leave, she kept her blood and applied it to her clothes and put it on her husband. I believe that Day Anney, when she later heard that Hercules will bring her another princess, she sends Nesus’ blood to her clothes and sends it to her husband. Hercules, who is dressed without knowing anything, suffers from terrible pain due to the poison of Hydra, who remained in the blood of Nesus. He was a half -body body, and he could not die at his own way, and instead of enduring the eternal pain, he built a pile of firewood and then burned himself and burned his body.

In No Time to Dai, Craig-Bond wins him after fighting with Billan and Shapin, who kidnapped his second love, Madeleine. However, in this struggle, Shapin’s pre -made and in contact with a specific DNA holder, who kills a contact with a contact, and aka Hercules, Bond kills his daughter between Madele and the two, and addicted to the horse poison. And it. He confirmed that there is no way to decipher this, and that the bond will be maintained for permanently, the bonds will choose to death and remain on the island that will be blown up soon by missiles. Bond, which disappeared into a huge explosion with a missile hit, dies in the flame.

The fire of Greek mythology has the property of purification, not just destruction. Even when he gave off his sacrifices to the gods, he surely went through the process of burning fire instead of a simple offering, and the Greek goddess Hestia, who defended the brazier of her family, was considered to defend her home itself. The goddess of Vesta in Rome went one step further, and her fire was considered to symbolize Roman destiny. It is a tradition that clearly reflects the characteristics of ancient society, where fire was very important. Since humans have been sent to the hands of Prometheus in Greek/Roman mythology, fire has always been sacred and functions as a passage between the world of the gods and the world of human beings.

And Hercules, speaking, uses the power of this purification to purify the body of human beings and the sin of many killing that has been committed as a human being and enter into the world of God. After the death of the human world, Hercules is active in the war of the gods, becomes a god, married the young goddess Hebe, and is completely incorporated into the new world.

Craig-Bond is also designed to meet that ending. Instead of enduring the eternal pain that cannot be in contact with the family forever and may die by himself, the addicted body is purified with fireworks. It is a legendary icon called James Bond in the film company, and remains a legend in the film company (unlike Hercules, but the story of the afterlife of Craig-Bond).

No Time to Dai completed a fairly blatant parallel world by giving Hercules’ name to DNA tracking poison, an important material. Did you want many audiences to feel the similarity? Each opinion will be divided into the probability of the work, but we must praise the amazing mythical parallel world that has been acclaimed and delicately for a long time. Isn’t it the most difficult to draw a delicious story? It was a very pleasant similarity to explore myths.

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