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“Swarovski Strous Heart”

Company name: (Body) Sukurani Bijoff

(Crystal) Swarovski strass (element). 6 crystals for Baccarat Prium.

Product name: Heart

Country of origin; (body) Czech Republic

(Crystal) Austria, France.

Swarovski is a crystal glass manufacturing company founded in 1895.

The founder is Daniel Swarovsky.

It is used for chandelier parts of the Versailles Palace in France and the Opera Theater.

We also manufacture a number of accessories such as decorated beads with unique manufacturing and processing techniques, as well as crystal creation and pendant tops.

Owner column;

Swarovski Shandelia, which I posted earlier, is a sister product made at the same time as the star. This is my first full -fledged chandelier heart.

More than 20 years ago, the production of Swarovski Shandelia triggered me to learn about the charm of chandeliers and loved it. This is the first memorable.

At first, we started with this about 1/5 (about 200 crystals), gradually increased the crystal when money was saved, and completed it over two years. Instead of purchasing a finished product, I’m looking at the chandelier, and next time I want to do this, I think that I 바카라카지노 was able to make an original chandelier slowly at my own pace, such as memories at that time, is the factor of completion.

This heart chandelier owner is his niece. At the time of the production, there was a situation, and I lived with everyone, including my grandparents, at the head family. The chandelier created in her niece’s room is tailored to her taste. The profile photo was Momo Shiba Inu, whose niece was cute at the time. She was wearing clothes, taking pictures and playing.

Swarovsky was produced only by crystal and did not make a chandelier body, so the body was used by Czech, a Czech Suklanibijoff.

Crystal glass usually has a ratio of about 24%of the oxide content, while Swarovsky Strorus has a minimum of 32%of lead oxide. I think that is the reason for shining rainbow color. Lead on the glass? It’s a bit strange.

Swarovski, Strasus has a great cut polishing technology, and I think it will glitter the most in the rainbow color in the crystal (personal impression).

This Heart Chandelier uses about 1,000 strases (elements) with the highest grade shine in Swarovski Crystal.

Because it is for home use, it is small with 6 lights, and it has been beautifully luxurious.

The origin of the name heart was named from the red (Bordeaux) heart crystal (60 pieces) attached. From that time, Heart Crystal was a crystal that was difficult to get due to its discontinuation.

Strases are engraved with trapezoids to prevent counterfeiting. Under the mounting wire, it is very small. The crystal below is the star.

Dark crystals such as Bordeaux do not engrave.

Swarovski, strases (elements) are expensive in crystals, but you can enjoy the rainbow -colored shine every day, and the expression that shines shining more than other crystals is richer and beautiful. If you clean it, it will be in a new state. It feels less dusty than other crystals. Is the crystal a little soft and delicate? I think (my impression).

The crystal consolidated system is connected by the Baccarat method instead of a circle. It is beautiful because the crystal interval is narrow and you can add a lot of crystals.

Swarovski Part number 8000 is made of glass for chandeliers, but it has been abolished. I’m sorry. I hope that it will be revived someday.

If sunlight hits directly to the crystal, it becomes a rainbow color throughout the room due to the prism effect.

The light born in the sun, traveling, arrives at this room on the earth and becomes a rainbow. I feel the mystery of the universe while watching this phenomenon.

All 1,000 are Swarovski Strong, so it’s a very luxurious Suncatcher. This room may be a good lucky place.

At the time of the last shooting of the Star Casanderia, I happened to find a heart 💕 Rainbow. (I couldn’t shoot this time.)

I have been interested in chandeliers for a long time, but at that time I had no way to check the Internet as I am, and I was worried and questioned about management methods and installations. However, now there are many friends through chandeliers, and the more fun of the club, the more fun chandelier life is.

I attached it to other chandeliers, but there were still more than six red prum crystals in Baccarat. The person who heard it was suggested that it would be better to attach it to the inner periphery of the Heart Chandelier and tried it.

I had a fixed concept that Swarovski Clearstal had a good idea of ​​hanging down when connected to the sideways, but I didn’t think about it, but when I tried it, everyone’s reputation was good, and recently I think that I have it. I am. Plum crystal has been added and it has become more luxurious. Coincidentally, Swarovski and Baccarat crystals were the same red.

From now on, I will continue to hear the opinions of various people, incorporate them, and improve them.

The photo below is the photo when it was in my niece’s room.

Please see the sparkling rainbow -colored Swarovski Strong “Heart”.

Just changing the angle you watch a little, it shows a different shine, glittering beautiful expression, so you can enjoy it no matter how much you look at it.

It is definitely more beautiful to actually watch it than to the photo.

Compared to the transparent stars, the red crystal of the heart enters the overall accent is sharp and beautiful and easy to see.

Swarovski Straastal Crystal is also attached to the sealing cover.

The medallion was not in time this time, and I will upload it if I liked it again next time.

Also, the round crystal in the lower center is one size larger, so I’ll attach it next time.

High 70 cm, 60 cm wide, about 15 kg, 6 lights x 6W.

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