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The Supreme Supreme Court for the former Korean idol rejected the appeal

The Supreme Supreme Court for the former Korean idol rejected the appeal

[Seoul Joint] Korean Supreme Court on the 26th was a former member of the Korean male idol group “BIGBANG”, who was charged with prostitution mediation and habitual gambling, etc. ) We decided to dismiss the defendant’s appeal. The second trial was sentenced to prison sentence in June of June. Defendant, although the defendant was dissatisfied with the enactment of the conviction of the habitual gambling, the Supreme Court supported the second trial from the crime form, such as gambling methods and the number of times. In January 2020, the prosecutor had prostitution to overseas investors and other overseas, prostitution, and charged a defendant at home for repeated gambling at Casinos in 더존카지노 Las Vegas.

From 9/22 to 9/25, I will go to the Philippine Manila. Basically, it is a casino, but this time a friend comes. ️ Because it is a traveling trip for the noisy, you may not be able to do much casinos, but I want to go and do Claps. ️ I want to go anyway because the airplane fee is issued with a lot of money. ️ ️

By the way, it is a round -trip business class.

Well, if you take a pool or rice in the daytime, you will be satisfied. By the way, it was said that the typhoon was out of flight due to a typhoon if 샌즈카지노 you went to Manila in the first half of Silver Week. I pray that it will not occur.

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